Monday, September 24, 2012


Guess what we have here?

Toothpaste with minty flavor?

The good ol' Colgate?

Noooo! You are wrong! They are watercolor in tube!

Watercolor in red

Oh no... Someone left the cap off >_<

And these two are my watercolor paintings for my previous children book illustration class at NAFA.
An apple dog inspired by the famous Pandapple
Watercolor painting is not so difficult after all and it helps relaxing =)

Another drawing inspired by my teacher. I love how the little doggie turned out. We didn't use watercolor during our first class, he taught us paint using batik paint and also food coloring which gives a slightly more vibrant effect than the watercoloring.

More crochet & amigurumi projects will be posted soon! XoXo =)

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