Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Whoopsie! It has been almost T-W-O months since I updated my blog. For my closer friends, they knew exactly what I had been up to. Baby bumps, mini renovation, moving house and wedding reception (my own wedding, of course!) are all the major events that kept me FULLY occupied for the past two months. I didn't scrap much as the smell of papers made me feel so ILL during my first trimester so i resorted to hooks and yarn only. Then I gotta force myself to completed 400 gift tags for my own wedding gifts with some assistance from mum. I shall post up on how I managed to complete 400 personalized gift tags in my future post. So stay tuned!

Baby said Hello at week 12!

Moving in on 20 October. In the midst of un-boxing & tidying up the craft area.

Completed 400 cupcake tags for my wedding gift while moving house.
Photo courtesy of Kai

Ans here's the completed project. Tags + Cupcake. They looked so pretty together. I am so proud of myself ;)
Photo courtesy of Vivian

Gate crashing & tea ceremony on 27 Oct
Photo Courtesy of Gallerie CK

Wedding reception on 28 Oct. My husband surprised everyone (including me!!) with his horrible singing >_<
Photo Courtesy of Gallerie CK

Then we went to Malacca for a mini getaway with our friends from China. We skipped the trip to Krabi because my in laws & husband didn't allow me to take flight during the end of my first trimester.

Finally we are back to our Home Sweet Home in Singapore with our fostered doggie, Junior. A home will not be completed without ❤ and doggies ;)

And my rescued dog passed away two weeks ago at age 15. RIP, Madame Wong.
Photo courtesy of Second Chance, KL

And finally baby bump is showing at Week 18. 

It's time to go to bed now. Having really really bad sinusitis since last weekend. Will definitely make time to update my blog more often and share with you guys all my completed projects. I have been scrapping, making cards, sewing and crochet-ing. Nights nights!


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