Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tutorial: Love You To The Moon & Back

Some of you may have seen this on my Facebook or Instagram. Now I am sharing the tutorial for making this canvas project. It's my first time using Mister Huey & modeling paste on an acrylic-gesso-based canvas. So that's a lot of trial and errors here. Do let me know if this method works for you. =)

Firstly I cut this negative using my Silhouette Cameo. I made up another cut file which you can try making your own here. Download here. I cut it on a piece of 8.5" x 11" card stock which is similar size to my canvas.

I trimmed down the card stock and stick it on the canvas with some washi tapes. normal masking tape does the job as well. Start spreading a thick layer of Modeling Paste with a used credit card. I realize I shouldn't have trimmed down the card stock as I have to spread the modeling paste carefully in order not to go over the edge of card stock. 

Once you are done spreading the paste evenly (or as even as possible), wait for 5-10 mins before removing the card stock. I didn't do a good job in spreading the paste ;P wait for 1-2 hours for the modeling paste to air dry, depends on how thick is your paste. 
p/s: do not use heat gun to dry the paste as it might crack and you would have ugly fonts here.

When the modeling paste is dry, then it's time to add some colors to your project!

To color the background of the canvas, i use various green, blue and yellow color Mister Huey. Spray it on the canvas generously and then follow by misting water to dilute it. 

I sprayed a lot of water hoping the modeling paste would resist the mist but it doesn't work. I even try cleaning up the font with some baby wipes. So when the mist is dry I painted each letters with white acrylic painstakingly. And luckily it turned out just fine. 

I learn this through the hard way. So now I am thinking of doing this the other way round. Mist the canvas and add modeling paste later on. You just need to pull out the card stock carefully after spreading the paste. 

This project took me about 3 hours include the drying time. And I have yet to decide if this is going up to the wall of my baby room. Let me know if this tutorial works for you and happy playing with mixed media! XoXo.


  1. So awsome, I love how you used the negative cut as a mask/stencil

  2. that is so freaking cute! it turned out wonderfully. :)

  3. So adobs! Where did you get the little frog at?

  4. So adobs! Where did you get the little frog at?


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