Friday, January 18, 2013

Tutorial: Is It Spring Yet?

Christmas is over and we finally kept our Christmas wreath and decorations in the store room. And now it's time for my newly DIY spring wreath.

Here's a little tutorial on how to make your own wreath.

Basic supplies for making the base of the wreath: 
styrofoam wreath that I got from local art supplies store (any size that fits your door), a pair of scissors, a few skeins of yarn and washi tape (optional).

Start the foam wreath by wrapping yarn. I tape it down with washi tape, you could use normal Scotch tape / cellophane tape too. There is no need to use fancy washi tape here ;)

I divided the wreath into 9 parts by just eyeballing. You can wrap the whole wreath with just one color or as many colors as you like. I divided into 9 parts because I am using there colors of yarn here (pink, yellow and mint)

When you are done with the 1st color, tape the end down and start another new color. Try wrapping as tight as possible to avoid the white foam base from peeking out. Yea, wrapping the wreath is fairly simple but it requires time and patience. It took me around 1.5 hours to wrap the base while watching CSI.

and tadah! the swimming floaties  wreath is basically done and you just need to add some embellishments here and there. 

Okay, these are the supplies I used to decorate my wreath: 
Some Prima Marketing flowers, ribbons, strong liquid adhesive (Beacon) and some brads.

I layered the paper flower petals randomly and added a brad to fasten the flower. I made about 12 different sizes and colors flowers and stick them to the wreath. Then I decided to add some chipboard butterflies for extra interest and tie the wreath with ribbon for hanging purpose.

And you have a pretty wreath for your home sweet home now! ❤ 


  1. oooo!! i see you using the blue ribbon now!!! :DDD
    its very nice!!!! and i love how u layer the flowers, i 刮目相看 towards the prima flowers~~


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