Thursday, April 25, 2013

Project Life⎪ Week 16

I have been trying my best to keep my Project Life up to date so that I don't get too stressed out catching up. So I recently start editing and printing photos, start cutting papers on Saturday night, which is a day before my week ends (My PL weeks start from Monday to Sunday). I would leave a card or two blank so that if there is any photos for Sunday, I will just print it and add to the spreads.

Here's week 16 that I used a lot of Cosmo Cricket Summer Love. Loving the ombre prints, sun-bleached patterns and a bit of nostalgia. Perfect for my overloading baby photos ;)

I actually enjoy looking at my baby's photos more after I put them on my PL pages. Ethan feels that its funny before I slotting all the photos and card into the pockets. It looks like baby Ivan is having a lot of baseball cards or ATC cards.

When I was pulling papers for this spread, I didn't have any particular color schemes that I wanted on mind. But Cosmo Cricket Summer Love is so very me, blue-pink-yellow with a hint of cream color background. 

just another simple page that I cut papers, glue photos and add a little bit of embellishments and enamel dots here and there. Arrows and banners have became one of my favorite embellishment on PL or layouts.

A very simple title card for the week. I was having hard time putting all the embellishment and papers to make this simple title card. I just didn't have any mojo for doing this week spread.

My favorite  card with favorite photo of the week. My baby is now 3 weeks old!

Was making a layout for Mother's day, inspired by mum's hobby - Sewing and quilting. 

That's all for this week PL spreads. Thanks for looking, XoXo.


  1. cute! I like the one: like father, like son, jeje.

  2. :D this spread looks so you now. remember to get more photos of yourself and Ivan in your PL. Ivan might wanna see how his mother looked and was when he is elder.

  3. You are on a roll, momma!! Love your spread!

  4. A {freakin} MAZING! I love all of it!

  5. i'm not a big fans of cosmo but after see this spread i think i have to try to buy some. Anyway try to catch up week 14 which i don't have much photos and almost forgot about my routine. Love your spread as always

  6. U are amazing. Ur PL spreads are amazing! I love how happy and cheerie they are...:)

  7. I know I already comented on IG that I loved this week's layout, but I just had to tell you again after seeing the pictures bigger- it is even better! Looking at your pages just makes me happy- happy colors, happy photos and I am so happy that you are documenting all these "little things" about Ivan's life. You will so treasure these pages as the yesrs go by. :-)

  8. Your son looks really cute and the layout is so full of love... ^^ I love your handwriting too, so cute! Just wondering, what black pen did you use? Looks great!

    1. Hi Angeline, I use Pigma Micron 03 & 05.


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