Sunday, May 5, 2013

Giveaway⎪National Scrapbooking Day & Giveaway Winner!

It's National Scrapbooking Day and do you stay in your scrap desk and have fun making stuffs? Sadly, I did not. I am trying very hard to juggling between a newborn and cleaning up the huge mess in my Singapore home. FYI, I was away from my home for 2 months since I was required to bed rest for 3 weeks and confined (it's a must for Chinese to have a 30 days of confinement) at my parent's place back in Kuala Lumpur. God knows how much I miss my home in Singapore, especially my scrap desk! And there are boxes of scrappy stuff waiting for me in Singapore while I was away!

I am gonna finish up with this blog post, attend to my baby and start working on my Project Life spreads & Citrus Twist assignments.

Firstly, I would like to post the winner of the Mother's Day blog hop:
Congrats, Michelle Looi from Scraposition! Kindly email me at so that I could post the prezzies to you. And by the way, do drop by Michelle's blog to check out her awesome projects. I am always in awe of her ways of using mists and paints. And would love to thank all ladies for leaving comments + following me on my blog & instagram. You all are super awesome!

And secondly, I want to thank the awesome Instagram friends that I have met. Me & Baby Ivan has received plenty of gifts from these awesome ladies that I met via Instagram, and I have not even met them in person. This is one of the happy mail that I received this week, that makes me and Ivan happy Mommy, happy baby. Super love those cute onesies with cute french bull dog (me think is a french bull dog ;)). And I finished eating the Dove chocolates in a day. Yum!!! How thoughtful are Rebecca & Abby who sent me this lovely parcel all the way from US. Thanks a bunch!

And I would love to include a photo of Ivan smiling in his dream. Too cute to not post this! It just made me super happy looking at his smile even after he has been making fuss for hours. Nothing beats a baby smile right?

And I would like to end this post with a photo of my little family which was taken yesterday. I am so glad that I still have only 1 more kg to go for losing all my baby weight and super happy that I am finally home after 2 months. P.S. my house is still in huge mess as you could see from the picture. Hubster never bother to clean up the house while I was away. Thank god that I have a weekly helper who at least comes and cleans the house once a week.

Just something random from this picture. I am a little pissed that my shoe size still remains the same throughout my pregnancy.  According to old wives' tale our feet will grow bigger after getting pregnant & giving birth. Noooo such thing for me. I am complaining here because I am very petite and am wearing shoes US size 34 (UK Size 3). Yes, and there are times size 34 shoes are a tad too big for me. And most of the time I need to get shoes from kids department. No fun at all ;) 

Enough of my random rants. Thanks for dropping by my blog, XoXo.


  1. woohooo! Thanks Wai Sam. Lucky ducky me!
    Btw you don't look like someone who had just delivered a bub! Looking good as before!

  2. Hey look great!! It doesn't look like you just gave birth at all!

  3. Ah, adorable photos. Congrats to you and the winner of your giveaway. Sorry to hear of your shoe finding problems. I actually would love to wear shoes from the kids department because I think they are so much more fun that adult ones. I suppose it's like wanting curly hair when you have straight and straight hair when you have curly. Hehehee. My friend did get much bigger feet from her pregnancy, but I guess it's not everyone.

  4. You're very welcome! So happy it made its way all the way from Texas! Hugs & kisses to baby!


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