Thursday, June 27, 2013

Project Life⎪ Week 24

Hello there! Believe it or not, I am losing my mojo in making my Project Life spread. ;< This is no good at all but I would still pushing myself to continue PL-ing as I still have my monthly assignments for Citrus Twist Kits and I really enjoy flipping my PL albums. I know I have been mentioning this again and again, baby's first months are so precious!! And guess what, he is officially 12 weeks old today! My oh my, those tiring midnight feedings every TWO hourly feels like yesterday! And I thank god for joining Instagram as browsing my Instagram feed kept me awake during the feeding. I also got to know a bunch of good friends via instagram ,and you know who you are, being so supportive during my baby's first months. 

Enough of my random rants and here's my Week 24 pages. I made THREE pages of 12x12 for this week as I have printed too many photos and I recently love to journal more on my page. I dont journal much on my layouts but I would prefer more journalling on my PL. Am I normal?

Page 1: I tried to stick to only blue and teal color, Using all my scraps from Studio Calico kit and my previous projects. Keeping it simple is the way to go when I am losing my mojo plus I have many many assignments to rush. And having a fussy baby this week isn't helping at all! Oh btw, this week is also our very FIRST Father's day! 

Page 2: I didnt pick a particular color combo here. Just keep cutting papers and slot them into pockets. Using some October Afternoon Travel Girl here. Spread about travelling back to my hometown fit into travel-themed papers too right? ;)

Page 3: Decided to create 3rd page for the week as opposed to my previous ways in using flip-flap cards to squeeze in more photos. It is more difficult to flip the album when I have many flip-flap cards. Now I would prefer to keep every single card in the pockets.

Here's some close ups of the pockets:
A simple title card. Love the Heidi Swapp alphas, too pretty! I have learnt that I gotta use all the pretty things instead of hoarding them.

I wouldn't call my pages done without adding machine stitching!

Could you spot the roller date stamp? I stamp them in gold!

A photo of my cousin enjoying wine. 

I have been a big fans of October Afternoon since last year. This cute car with a dog is my favourite image in Travel Girl collection. Everyone knows that I am a dog fanatics right?

Adding movie ticket to my spread. God knows when was the last time me & hubster went for a date night? 

Love this photo of my brother & sis in law having fun with my Washi tape. 

That's all for my Week 24 pages. Thanks for looking! For all my friends, I do visit your blog as frequent as I could (during feeding time), there are times that I could only read but not leave any love. Please accept my apology =P I have yet to master typing on iphone with only one hand while holding bottle + craddling a baby with another hand. LoL. Would love to thank everyone in advance for always leaving lovely comments on my blog, facebook and Instagram. I read them all ;)



  1. Losing your Mojo!!?? I think not! These are still so cute! The all blues one is prob my fave, but I'm sorry you feel discouraged with your work. I think it rocks <3

  2. Thank you so much for commenting, so I've been able to come here. i love your work too! The pages are wonderful und your project life is really the cuttest I've ever seen!! :)


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