Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Layout⎪Love Yourself More *Write Click Scrapbook*

Hello there! I seriously can't believe we are already in April 2014 and we also celebrated my little one's first birthday. Where have the 365 days gone? March was a busy busy month for me that I barely got to scrap + I was always rushing for assignment deadlines and shop orders. Totally not a fun March =( But am happy to be able to make a lot of sequin pockets and amigurumi to send happiness to all my lovely customers.

This month, Write Click Scrapbook welcome the month of April with the them of SELFIE. Do you know 'selfie' was named word of the year 2013 by 'Oxford Dictionaries'? Read more here

What is so hard about scrapping a selfie layout right? Just put on your best duck face and press the snap button on your phone. Ta-dah! The thing is I have over hundreds of selfie on my phone but those aren't just my own selfies. Those are selfies of my poser baby. It took me quite a while to find this selfie collage of mine that I took in the fitting room. This month theme - Selfie really serve as a reminder to remind myself to Love Myself More, something that my hubster always reminds me to do. I was way past the deadline for submitting WCS gallery but decided to churn out a layout because I really need to scrap something of my own photo. Churned this out under 55 minutes, with Citrus Twist Kits March kit.

I cut some of the heart shaped from one of the Dear Lizzy patterned papers and layer it over + add some machine stitching. And sprinkle some sequins to call it done. 

The title - Love Yourself More - inspired by the photo itself. Ever since I have a baby, I hardly put on make up, get new clothes for myself or even go to spa / facial. I look so terrible. No wonder some told me when you have a baby, you can't even be bothered to shave you legs *LoL*. This photo of mine was taken in fitting room that I was trying to get some Chinese New Year clothes. It is really time to shop to make myself feel prettier + better.

This cute Instax stamp is by Craft Origine gifted by the sweetest girl on earth - Celine Navarro. I sent her a hand stitched book as chirstmas gift last year and she returned a huge happy mails which include a lot of goodies from Kesi' Art and Craft Origine. *Love Love Love*

I think part of my new year resolution this year is to : Love myself more. Spend more me-time, do more of what I love and go for spa / facial occasionally. I found that there are times that I travel back to Singapore to conduct workshops alone, although I feel lonely to sleep without hubster and Ivan, I really enjoy spending some me-time just sit there crochet / watch TV shows / surf net. I definitely feel more energised after recharging + having some me-time. How about you?



  1. T=This LO is so adorable with all those hearts and a cute pic too!!

  2. I didnt knew that plastic adhesive tape can also be used like this... I really liked it.


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