Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Random⎪I Am A Prima Girl (again) + Rainbow In My Pencil Case

Hip hip Hooray! I am so thrilled to be picked as Prima Marketing Design Team for 2014-2015.

This is my second year on the team and I cannot wait to receive the new goodies and see what I could do with those amazing stuff. Last year has been a really good year, first time sending projects to CHA, scrapping 8 projects under 48 hours, receiving boxes and boxes of awesome products from Prima. And the girls on the team are so amazingly talented! I could only say, I am so honoured to be on the same team with these amazing girls + I am also so thrilled to be on the same team with some familiar faces - Kasia T. and Amelie Modret (who are on Citrus Twist Kits team as me for the past one year)!

Since this is a happy post (after having a bag day), I want to share some happy photos with you here. Do you remember I went to Japan for my long overdue honeymoon back in April? I kid you not, Japan is definitely heaven for stationery addicts like me. This is such a fun trip because:
We went there without bringing baby Ivan along, so just two of us spending some US time
Hubster is the most supportive husband ever, lugging tonnes and tonnes of stationeries and also non-stop visiting different book stores etc.
Gotta give him a brownie point - he even helped me pick some washi tapes!

Just gotta love these pastel rainbow colour highlighter - which has a cute name: Zebra Mildliner. Instead of bright neon colours, it highlights the notes in cute pastel shades. 

I picked up quite a few MT tapes and also some random washi tapes from Daiso, 3 Coins and Sierra. I love love love their 100 yen shop and could spend hours and hours there looking at their affordable + cute stuffs.

The very first thing that I bought on the first night in Osaka, Japan are these cute Pilot Coleto pens. I am madly in love with them. The designs are uber cute - which you can pick and customise the number of pen refills, the colours that you want. The refills also come in mechanical pencil + eraser. Why are the Japs so smart and innovative? One of the rainbow colour barrel show here is from Muji. There are ball pens refills instead of gel pens like Coleto. I am a huge fans of anything gel pens, so all my money goes to buying different Coleto barrels and refills. LoL.

Here's the close-up of the limited edition refill in Clover design. Too cute right?

I also gotten the heart edition =) Couldn't decide if I should hoard or destash it? The inks are running out real quick because I use them on my planner all the time. I  like how fine the tips are, as I am using 0.4 here.

Then I also got addicted buying some Decorush and Mojiliner. I use them on my planner, decorating post cards and #happiemail. Some of the designs from Decorush Atelier is so cute that it looks like washi tapes. Just in case you have no idea what Decorush / Mojiliner is, they actually work like correction tape. Instead of rolling white tape on your paper, they roll out really really cute designs like panda, animals, disney character etc. You can get the main part (body) with refills or just the refills alone so that you can switch the refills when you want to.

It took me a while to get use to gliding them on the paper and sometimes I still do not get perfect image. It works better on smooth surface / paper. They are so cute nonetheless.

I am totally clueless with how to store them properly. so I just keep them in a hard pencil case from Smiggle.

It is not practical at all, but for the cute Matryoshka design, I will bear with it. LOL. 

And these are my Mojiliner in action. I write on my planner / paper first, then I roll the Mojiliner over like how I use highlighter. Its so cute that the handwriting is still visible and its highlighted with cute crayon / color pencil effect.

I finally used up some of the post cards that I got from Kyoto, Japan and written 10 postcards. I am not really into pen palling but I like how a simple post card will brighten up someone's day.

Pilot Frixion Erasable pens and markers anyone? One day, i will make a swatch of the different Frixion pens that I have, whenever I have time. Wont be too long, okay? They write a little sheer compare to other gel pens that I own but I also like that I could erase it if I have made any mistakes.

I hope this post have made your day by just looking at these rainbow colour stationeries. I always like to play with my pens and papers whenever I have had a bad day. Everything is awesome when there is rainbow.



  1. I LOVE all your stationary!!! I'm feeling so tempted to get those coleto. Congrats for continuing on the prima dt! It's so good to see more modern scrappers using their stuff it show us how versatile products are!

  2. im overwhelmed by the number of pens you owned. At least I dont feel bad with mine. :) Congrats on the DT at Prima.

  3. Japanese loves their stationery! I went there once a few years back, and I just fell in love with everything they have there! I am not a stationery hoarder, so I didn't visit many bookstores, but these Decorush and Mojiliner are cute!

  4. seriously??? I am in love with EVERYTHING!!! jealous that you were able to visit Japan and get all this stuff!!!!!!

  5. I know this is super old but I hope you decided to hoard your Coleto inks! You can pluck off the top and stick it onto a standard refill! So you only have to invest in a design once and you can keep using the pretty tops forever!

  6. Hey, just wanted to call out you using the term "Japs." It's pretty offensive, degrading, and generalizing. It's also kind of antiquated, with its most recent common use in anti-Japanese contexts. Don't know where you live, but pretty sure it's an ethnic slur in most places.


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