Tuesday, November 24, 2015

From Envelope to Planner Goodies

Hi Friends!  It’s Ruthie sharing with you some of the projects I’ve been working on with the HappieScrappie Planner Kit for October.  In today’s post, I decided to focus on different ways of using the cute packaging the kit comes in.  Sam recently changed the packaging and it now comes in an adorable envelope.  I wanted to create something with it as soon as I saw the adorable print! 
The first thing I did was cut the envelope open through the sides.  One of the easiest things to create was a dashboard.  All I did was cut one of the envelope flaps to size! The next step was to laminate and hole-punch.  Although the kit itself comes with an adorable dashboard, it’s always nice to have extra options.
This left me with one side of the envelope and the flap.  With the other flat side of the envelope, I created a pocket.  One can never have too many pockets in a planner either.  I simply trimmed it a bit, folded in half and cut open one of the slits from the top to make the “opening.”  (I hope this is making sense.)  If you would like a more detailed tutorial, let me know in the comments and I’ll take pictures of the process.  I used double stick crafting tape to stick the sides together, hole punched it and filled it up with adorable happiescrappie stickers!!  The envelope is made of really think cardstock so the pocket came out nice and sturdy. 
Another easy project to make with the scraps was a page marker.  I used one of the page markers from my Filofax as a pattern and simply traced it onto the watermelon paper. I did the same process as with the dashboard; laminated and hole punched it.  You can use stamps or sticky notes to further embellish it!
So I still had little bits and pieces of the envelope left and decided nothing would go to waste!!  I cut out two little watermelons and created a paper clip to match the whole set.  I used hot glue to adhere the paper to the paperclip and voila!  I then turned to my trusty Xyron sticker maker to make stickers out of some of the other watermelon cut-outs.  I’ll probably use the stickers throughout my layouts or in pocket letters. 
I had so much fun with this kit—and that was only using the cute envelope Sam created to ship our goodies in!!  I hope to share how I used the adorable stationery bits in the kit during the next blog post.  Feel free to share your comments and ideas on my Instagram page @threadofhearts!!  Until next time —Happie Planning!! 


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