Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Amigurumi Pattern: Baby Seal Learns Swimming

I got this pattern from Luvly-gurumi's Etsy shop. I am addicted to all her cutesy amigurumi patterns now and I want 'em all! I do not know the difference between seal and sea otter. I have googled some pictures of the seals and sea otters here. Both are equally cute despite difference in sizes.

There was once I watched an sea otter learnt how to eat urchin on NatGeo. Too cute! 
Photo credit: ZME Science

The teary eyed baby seal.
Photo Credit: Whale Images

The not-so-cute leopard seal / sea leopard
Photo Credit: Open Water Pedia

And this is my version of baby seal 

Baby seal learns swimming

With a bucketful of fish.Yummmm!

Hello! Are you a seal too?

I can do backstroke too!

Baby seal just loves his float & fish  

P/s: The pattern for the baby seal is purchased from Luvly-gurumi. I only created the swimming float and bucket on my own.

Here's the pattern of the float and bucket. No worries, the float isn't as intimidating as it looks. It's pretty easy-peasy and I love love love the color combination here.

1) Work in continuous spiral round; do not join rounds unless otherwise stated. Mark first stitch of each round.
2) To change color, work last st of old color to last yarn over. Yarn over with new color and draw through all loops on hook to complete st. 

Float x 1 (blue & white colour)
Start with white color; Chain 48 (loosely) and sl st
R1: *sc 6 <white>, sc 6 <blue>*, repeat 4 times (48)
R2*(sc 2, inc 1, sc 2, inc 1) <white>, (
sc 2, inc 1, sc 2, inc 1) <blue>*, repeat 4 times (64)
R3*(sc 3, inc 1, sc 3, inc 1) <white>, (sc 3, inc 1, sc 3, inc 1) <blue>*, repeat 4 times (80)
R4 - R6: *sc 10 <white>, sc 10 <blue>*, repeat 4 times (80)
R7: *(sc 3, dec 1, sc 3, dec 1) <white>, (
sc 3, dec 1, sc 3, dec 1) <blue>*, repeat 4 times (64)
R8: *(sc 2, dec 1, sc 2, dec 1) <white>, (sc 2, dec 1, sc 2, dec 1) <blue>*, repeat 4 times (48)
R9 - R10*sc 6 <white>, sc 6 <blue>*, repeat 4 times (48)
Fasten off, leaving both blue and white tails for sewing. Sew R1 & R10 together.

Bucket x 1 (Grey)
Start with grey color; make adjustable rings
R1: 8 sc in rings (8)
R2: inc 8 (16)
R3: *sc 1, inc 1*, repeat 8 times (24)
1 sc in each stitch (back loop only) (24)
R5 - R8
1 sc in each stitch (24)
R9: *sc 5, inc 1*, repeat 4 times (28)
R10 - R13
1 sc in each stitch (28)
Fasten off and sew the end.

Handle for the bucket x 1 (White)
Start with white color, chain 20, sew both ends to the bucket.

Cut some felt fish to fill up the bucket and you're done! Told ya the accessories for the baby seal are super-duper easy to make right? 


  1. why so cute?????????? you can have an arigurumi zoo and musuem!

  2. cute!!!! how I wish I have the patience to do

  3. OMG your baby seal is so adorable! Well done! :)

  4. That first picture is of an otter.

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  6. HI!!!
    I been searching the bunny hat for Penny the penguin, but it´s not there. Am I looking wrong? Thank you very much for the lovely amigurumi patterns!!!


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