Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Randoms | I Am Still Here ;)

Hello there,

Some of you might be wondering why is my Big Cartel down for maintenance or it keeps showing 'Check Back Soon' for the past few days….. And I am so blessed that I have received some emails asking if I am feeling ok or some even asked if I am pregnant. Lol. No no no, I am not pregnant, I just need a little break, for the following reasons:

1. My mini-me has just started Montessori in October and we are still adapting to the new schedule. I am always a nocturnal person who works during the wee hours (till 4~5am) and I need to wake up 8.30am the next day to send him to school. It is very PAINFUL for me every morning since I am never a morning person. I also came to realisation that I haven't been spending much time with my family ever since my little shop has picked up a little + the number of assignments that I have to do monthly is kinda overwhelming. 

Nothing beats spending a lazy morning reading books, singing songs, doing silly dance with my 18-month-old.

2. I am kinda proud of myself being able to send out nearly 200 orders this month. Can't thank everyone enough for being so supportive + patience with me because sometimes it take me a few days just to reply emails. These mails stuck at my local post office for a few days because their system was down and it took a while to process all these registered mails.

3. This is how my room looks like during packing & shipping days. Being so unorganised is driving me crazy and I am totally in creative rut and unmotivated when my room is in huge mess.

Eeekkk! I couldn't even write on my work desk for a week. Invoices, washi tapes, pens, pencil cases and books are were all over my desk.

4. Even my dad said i need to re-organise my overflowing wasabi. Lol. Well, he calls my washi tapes as wasabi =P And then I asked him to made some new shelves for my work desk and I need a little re-organisation to fit my dual-screen. Can't wait to show you my room when I am done reorganising it.

5. My room barely has any floor space after my shipping day. It was kinda crazy and this was no where to be called a happy mess.

Then we moved the day bed out and did another round of re-organisation. Well, it is still very packed and messy, i think I would be able to clean things up after a few more rounds of purging ;) 

6. After reading A Bowl Full of Lemons' blog about 31 days of purging, I reorganised our living room, Ivan's play area and his wardrobe too. Well, my scrap room is messy but at least I have cleaned up one of the corner in the house.  I think I would not be able to be so consistent in doing the purging daily but I am very determined to purge area by area according to my own schedule. #abfol31daypurge

7. And here's another main reason I am taking a short break from work. I have a ganglion cyst of ping-pong ball sized on my right ankle. It's getting a little painful when I sit on the floor when I pack orders. I have had this ganglion cyst since I was heavily pregnant and it is getting bigger recently. So I went to see doctor and also did an Xray & MRI scan for this. Well, no biggie, i just need to schedule another appointment to go for an excision to remove this. 

8. I am also grateful to be able to take a mini break and its been a while since I had lunch with the hubs during weekdays ;)

8. I am also closing the shop to catch up on back logs and orders. My little shop is run by myself only with very little help from friends / family when it comes to packing / working on orders. I do feel terribly bad when I have so many unread / un-replied emails.

My to-do list was getting so crazily overwhelming that I felt extremely unmotivated.

9. My little shop is in need of stock-taking LoL. That's the part that I hate most.

10. I have to confess: I am never good in de-stressing or dealing with stress. So when I am so swamped with work, I can never be creative or work on assignments. This much needed break definitely help myself unwind a little and do more things that I love + work on ideas that I wrote on my to-do list for a while ;) Feel so good to be able to create something for myself, just for fun, not for order / assignments. 
Don't get me wrong, i do love working on custom orders or scrapbook assignments, but sometimes doing something without any guidelines, just follow your heart to create is really what I am craving for recently.

11. Can't help be thankful for all the little things at the moment and also drafting a few blog post to show you more about my planner set ups, stationery reviews etc.

12. Again, nothing beats spending time with my little one. He never fails to amaze me with his new tricks that he learns everyday, with his smile and his happy-self.

And also, extremely happy to bump into one of my long-time instagram firmed Pooi Chin who never fails to amaze me with her super awesome Midori Traveler's Notebook.

I seriously can't thank everyone enough for your concern and kind words. Just in case you are wondering, my little shop will re-open on 25th October and of course, with the new November Happie Planner Kit and some amazing new arrivals! 


Friday, October 17, 2014

Project Life | Hello Ocotober

Hello hello there! Today I am sharing a Pocket Life spread over Citrus Twist Kits blog today. So sorry I just gotten my box few days ago and haven't had chance to play with the kit much + film a process video. Anyway, I am loving the colours of the kit this month, particular the huge alphabet sticker sheet from Basic Grey.

EA PL Color Combo-1

And here is my take on the Pocket Life page that I used a lot of warmer tone / fall colours here. Not the usual colours that I would always use but I like that I get to change my usual work flow / preference a little. It is a little challenging for me, but its a good challenge ;)

'PL Oct-1

'PL Oct-2

'PL Oct-3

I like the geometric print (triangle) pattern paper and decided to use it as a title card for this month page.

'PL Oct-4

I have also printed a few photos in Black & White to match the papers that I use here. I think B&W photos really work well with these warm colour palette.
'PL Oct-5
'PL Oct-6 'PL Oct-7
I like the banner tags from PRetty Little Studio this month and had so much fun fussy cutting them and add them to the page. The Black and White sticker with sentiments are ctually embossed just like how you use Motex / Dymo label makers.
'PL Oct-8
So here's my simple page for this month Pocket Life kit. I am planning to do a process video (hopefully with voice over to explain the way I work) later this month. Will post it on Citrus Twist FB page when I have uploaded the video.

Have a great day!


Saturday, October 11, 2014

Layouts | Together - The BEST Place to Be *Elle's Studio*

Happy October! OCtober is definitely all spooky and let's look at Elle's Studio October kit here. Elle's Studio has got an awesome kit for you this month with tags to help you document your traditions, thankfulness, Halloween, and Autumn memories! October’s kithas over 30 journaling and embellishing tags that are perfect for all types of projects – from layouts, to mini albums, to Project Life, we’ve got you covered with this kit!

Nothing spooky right? And this kit coordinated with the new Sycamore Lane collection very well too! 

EllesStudio-SycamoreLane01Sycamore Lane is a great collection to celebrate Autumn – and with the weather starting to change, I’m getting so excited to use this collection! This collection includes 12 x 12 papers, journaling and embellishment tags, cutouts, lil’ snippets, cork shapes, and a fun stamp!

And, do remember on 10th of every month, that means the Elle's Studio  design team gallery is FULL of brand new and AMAZING inspiration just for you! You can bookmark your favorites, leave comments and see close ups of our design team’s projects in our gallery:

I hardly scrapped recently because life gets really crazy since September. But when I do have some me-time, i enjoy sitting in front of my desk to play with papers and scissors. Here are the two layouts that I made using Elle' Studio Sycamore Lane and the October kit.

I love the journaling card that said TOGETHER - the best place to be and decided to use it as the title of this page. I am loving that tribal print and geometric design (like Triangle) is back in this Fall. So I cut apart the triangle patterned paper and use it as the main embellishment of my layout. I also added a little house cork stickers on the journaling card to draw your eyes to the title.

And here's another layout that is inspired by the Fall colours - purple / orange/ yellow. Not so much of a purple and orange person but I am loving this layout turned out.

I created my background with some Faber Castell Gelato and added the coordinated colour tag from Sycamore Lane. A little bit of journaling and embellishment to add some finishing touches to the page. I am glad how this colour combination actually grow on me ;)

I have another THANKFUL mini book that I created under an hour that I am gonna show you guys in the next blog post. Thanks for dropping by and do remember to check out Elle's Studio site for the lovely goodies. 


Sunday, October 5, 2014

Planner | Feeling A Little Overwhelmed + Studio L2E Discount Coupon

Hello there! Before I start venting my frustration, I would like to share some happie news with y'all. I purchased these cute planner stamps from Studio L2E and love them a lot. So I asked Kanani from Studio L2E if she could provide a discount code to my blog readers & instagram followers. And she is super sweet and agreed to proide a 10% discount code from here store. So here's the discount code: happie_ig >> Remember to key in the discount code upon checking out to enjoy the 10% discount. The code expires 12.01am PST 8 October 2014.
Attention to all Happie planner Kit ssubbers: I have a 15% discount code for you, so check your email!  Go go go shopping now!

Okay… now its time to vent my frustration. I have been feeling a little overwhelmed recently, ever since I came back from Shanghai on 1st of September. I am forever rushing to pack mails, replying emails, sending off my DT assignments, scheduling my blog posts etc. And that also explains why I haven't been making any videos recently.

One of the main reason is because my trial for DIY Fish inserts (3 months) has ended and I have switched over to the super pretty Cocoa Daisy Day Planner kit. The format of the CD planner inserts is very very different from DIY Fish Life Mapping System. I have always love DIY Fish inserts that focus so much on time management and also goals tracking. So I am feeling so unorganised during this transition period.

Then I decided to sit down and make a new set of dividers for my Black Kate Spade. I bought this Kate Spade Wellesley a while ago and haven't started using it at all. *okay, I am guilty as charged* I spent a little time planning what are the sections that I want to use on my new planning systems (along with inserts from Daisy Day Planner kit) and started making dividers. I like to make my dividers tab-less and use either this removable / repositionable tabs (this or this). So i can always switch the arrangement of the dividers according to my mood. I do make custom dividers for customers but to be honest, I only have 3 sets of dividers for myself. hahaha.

I also realise I always miss the deadlines of my blog posts, assignments, custom orders and videos, so I decided to stamp some of the main to-dos / reminders on a piece of 4x6 PL cards (from Elle's Studio October kit), using Studio L2E List-It stamp set. I stamp the title of the list on Masking Stickers to match the border of the PL cards. I am going to laminate this so that I could use this over and over again and write on it using OHP markers or dry-erase markers. Hopefully this quick checklist would help me being a little more organised.

Then on my first page of the dividers, I make a happy mail check list with a piece of leftover transparency. I have this Studio Calico script transparency in very odd size (tiny tiny bits) that I couldn't bear to throw it away. So I punched 3 holes and made a little check list for my expecting/incoming mails. I laminated the Happy Mail list part and glue it onto the transparency so I could use it over and over again. The Happy Mail stamp is from Studio L2E (Special Delivery).

This is my main divider. Oh well, who didn't want to just stay at home and make pretty things? Please please please, I am just hoping to be a little more organised so that I could spend a little more me-time (be it crafting or taking online classes or reading) and also more more more time with Ivan.

And here come my pretty to-do list. If you have been following me on Instagram, you know how much I need colours in my life! Maybe a rainbow to-do list would make completing tasks a little more fun? ;) I use Elle's Studio Little Snippets : Blank Labels for the to do list, laminate it and glue it on a piece of transparency. Then add title To-Do (alphabet stickers from Elle's Studio) and the cute Owl button + epoxy stickers from Freckled Fawn. 

Then I also made another divider for my wish list & expenditure using the raindrop vellum envelope that I have included in my October Happie Planner Kit. The envelope is just right for A5 sized planner but I trimmed one of the side (approximately 2cm) and tape the edge + punch holes. This is almost same size as the normal Filofax Personal size dividers (in terms of height). I reckon the vellum envelope is sturdy enough to be use as divider so I am going to add repositionable tabs here. 

I do get asked a lot about the products that I sell in my shop, some of them asked why are most of the products sold out (mainly the custom made Happiedori and Happie Planner Kit). 

1. I started this online store on my own a year ago (after tired of issuing Paypal Invoice) and it is solely home based. My little craft room that I showed in this blog post is a tiny room that I use as my craft room, office and also warehouse. I always try to squeeze in all the stocks that I have in this Daiso shelf that my awesome dad made for me. I have a little over 150-200 products in my Big Cartel and just imagine if I stock up 20 pieces of each item, I think me and Ivan are going to sleep on stickers and stationeries. LOL. Just because of the limited space, I don't normally bring in the same item in bulk, so once the items are sold out, means I don't have them in inventories now. I still list them as sold out instead of removing them from my store just because there are customers would email me occasionally to ask me restock on the items. See…. The shelf isn't that big right? Plus, my room is so full that I have boxes stacking on the bed, on the floor and outside of the room  now. Do feel free to email me if you want anything in my shop that is listed as 'Out Of Stock' at the moment.

2. The Happie Planner Kit, Happiedori and Planner Dividers (or even crochet pouch) are always sold out or listed as coming soon. I get this question frequently: Why are these items forever sold out or when are you going to restock them? 
For the Happie Planner Kit, since it is a monthly kit, once it is sold out, I will not restock them again. So look out for the dates that these kits will be available to be subscribed again. The kits are currently 'almost' fully subscribed and I am trying my best to put more kits together. I am trying…. because I am 'almost' doing the kitting all alone, without much help + need to take care of a 18-month-old. If I could put together more kits, I will make the subscription available on 25th - 5th of every month. 

Also, I am still listing the kit on the shop as 'sold out' although I will not restock them again because I am pretty sure some of the customers would want to know more about the past kit and this could help them in making decisions if they want to sign up for a subscription. >> This makes sense right?

I do not take in custom order / list my Happiedori and other handmade items available at the moment because my hands are so full (that explains why I am feeling a tad overwhelmed). I do not want to put customers on a long waiting list. I will list them on my shop as soon as I have settled down and have more time to work on them. I always believe in making pretty things, in a happy mood even there are custom orders. 

My little one has just started his pre-montessori a week ago so we are now adapting to the new schedule (which means I need to put him on bed earlier, send him to school and wait for him for 3 hours). The principal told me to wait for him at the school because they expect that he would cry a lot to look for mama. Just in case that happens, I would be there for him. Sending him to school early in the morning is a major major struggle (read Major!!) for me as I always work till wee hours and am never a morning person. So sorry that I couldn't take in any custom order at the moment but I am very very thankful that so many of you adore my work / designs.

I get about 10-15 orders a day so packing happie mails would take me about 2-3 hours a day. P.S. I really need to emphasise that I am not someone who can work very fast. I am a very very slow person and love procrastinating + get distracted easily. Please please please bear with me =))

3. Also, I have been getting some comments that I do not reply email promptly. I know I have been procrastinating a lot (trying to sleep more as I have been falling ill ), but I always try to reply email within 3 business days. I am trying not to reply emails on my phone because my iPhone 5 battery would drain within an hour + i would love to reply emails with lesser typo + more detailed answer. 

And I also get some questions asking Can someone who work(s) for me help answering questions on Instagram / Instagram DM / emails? uhmm…. I would love to have an employee or two, unfortunately my little online store couldn't afford that currently. I am the one who pack mails, take photos of the store items + kits, kitting, packing, customer service. I am thankful that I do get occasional help from two of my friends who come over to help packing the kits, but I am still doing the rest on my own.  

Also, can someone please tell me why are my 18-month-old getting clingier than he was a baby? And now he even wants to sit on the same chair with me whenever I am working on computer. Watch the video here where he was doing a Project Life page with me. 

Also, I am trying not to reply emails during weekends as the hubs has been complaining I am always on my phone (instagramming or replying emails). So we made a deal trying to minimise the usage of phone whenever we are together. So if you send me an email on Friday, do bear with me I promise I will work on it asap (by next Monday or Tuesday). If I don't, please do not hesitate to contact me again. hehehehe…. I gotta admit sometimes I do overlook the emails or comments on Instagram. Please, feel free to drop me an email here:

I know, I know, this is a super long blog post. Again, thanks for your time + patience! I am planning to do a gratitude journal this month (hopefully I have time and adjusting myself well to the new inserts form Cocoa Daisy Day Planner) =) One of the few things to be thankful for this month: my little one went to school and he was literally zero-tears on the second day! *Proud mama moment*

Happy weekend y'all and have a great week ahead!


Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Freebies | Happy October & Printables for Your Filofax / Midori Traveler's Notebook

Hello Hello there! I am just gonna write a quick blog post before I get ready to send Ivan to his pre-Montessori. Today is the 2nd day of his school and I am praying hard that he could learn to have fun on his own without me being around. I stayed around throughout the play group session during the first day as he was having the usual toddler's separation anxiety. Ok, cut this short, my awesome friend  @abshanghai (Arlyna) made these A5 sized Filofax printables for me because I want to switch most of the stuff to my A5 sized this month. So I wave goodbye to my DIY Fish printables this month and let's see how it goes without it.

Instead of using these printables from Arlyna on my A5 sized 6 rings binder, I made them into a book and use in my A5 sized Fauxdori. I will post up a blog post on how to pamphlet stitch or stapler this printables for your Midori Traveler's Notebook  / Happiedori / Fauxdori. Stay tuned!

This is the free printables that Arlyna designed for September & October for my Happiedori. I am using them to keep track of Ivan's schedule. [Scroll down for the links to printables]

And here's the sneak of me getting ready to stitch and decorate my notebook. Will be blogging them on the 6th of October. 

You can download the Printables here:
A5 sized - October 2014
Personal Sized Printables (From Arlyna's Website)

And  free Printables for Midori Traveler's Notebook that I have blogged in this post:
September 2014
October 2014

Drop me a comment and let me know what you think of these printables / show me links of how you use them! And also, let me know what do you like so I could bug Arlyna to design and share more freebies with us!