Thursday, July 2, 2015

How I Use Fauxdori Inserts As My Social Media Planning

Hi Happie Planners, my name is Lucy (IG: @organisedlucy). I hope all of you are having such an awesome week so far. Today I am going to show you how I use the fauxdori inserts from HappieScrappie planner kit.

Starting this week I have decided to use the fauxdori inserts as my social media planning. My goal is to regularly post two pictures everyday into the social media, i.e. Facebook and Instagram, as I have the habit of not consistently posting pictures on social media in the past few weeks due to the commitment of daily work schedules. 

To start the processes, I decided to draw a line on the fauxdori inserts to separate between "Morning" and "Night" because I will post one picture during morning and another one in the evening.

You know that I always love bright and pastel colors, so when I received my fauxdori inserts, I instantly fell in love it, as it is very colorful, pretty and cute. However I decided to add more ingredients to spice up the inserts. So I decided to add the banner stickers and mini dots stickers. I wrote the daily posting idea on the banner stickers and I used the mini dot stickers to serve as the checklist boxes. 

For the notes page, I like to decorate it with some stamping. I chose Kellie Stamps (TODAY Collection). I decided to stamp on HappieScrappie Notepad and paste it on the notes page. I love that the June kit's notepad has a watercolor background which compliment the fauxdori inserts really well. 

Lastly it won't be complete without putting some final touches on the first page. I decided to incorporate the journaling card to serve as a positive reminder and the doodled heart and banner stickers that came with the planner kit as decoration.

I hope all of you enjoy my first blog contribution. Happy Fourth of July to those who celebrate and Happy Weekend to all of you.


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Monday, May 18, 2015

Planners | From Project Life Pockets to Planner Storage

Hello hello there! Today I am gonna share a simple post on how I use the pocket sleeves from Simple Stories in one of my A5 sized planner to store my Shop Evalicious goodies (like stickers, journaling cards and paper clips).

Sorry for the glare but this is the best photo i could get to show you a rough idea how the plastic sleeve (in 6x8 size) would look like in a Kikki K Large planner. In general, Kikki K large planner (which is equivalent to Filofax A5 size) is slightly wider, thus I did not trim down the sides of the sleeves as they just fit nicely.

And now, let's get started to turn this Project Life sleeves into planner pockets. All you need is a single hole punch and 6x8 plastic sleeve ( mine are from Simple Stories and i love love love their quality)

I just use one of the A5 size insert to determine where the holes should go. The original 2 holes on the sleeves actually match up with the 2nd and 5th holes of my 6-ring binder.

And here's how the sleeves look like in my A5 sized planner. Nothing is peeking out but when you close the binder, the sleeve might touch the elastic pen loop a little bit but it doesn't bother me at all as I don't really keep my pen there.

For this page, I actually fill up all the pockets with planner stickers. I actually use a paperclip from Shop Evalicious to hold the pocket to prevent the stickers from falling out of the pocket. I usually make my stickers in 3.75' x 5.75', so they are just perfect to be slotted into the 4x6 sized pocket.

p.s the hot air balloon and dew drop stickers can be found in my shop.

I added some journaling cards and Instax photo to the back of this pocket.

And for the sleeve, I actually store some washi tapes sampler and also paper clips. I just trim the 3x4 journalling card a little smaller than 3' and wrap washi tapes around. And for storing paper clips, I cut two slits with my trusty paper trimmer, and added the clips.

And more pics on how each sleeve looks like. This pockets are also perfect for storing memorabilia, receipts and name cards. I hope you have fun using some of your scrapbooking stash in your planners!

Have a great day ;)


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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Planner | Stretch Your Daisy Day Planner Pages with Planner Stickers

Hello everyone! I received my Daisy Day Planner May kit around first week of May so I didn't use it for any daily / weekly planning for May. Instead, I want to show you how I stretch the Daisy Day Planner pages to use them for planning for work. I normally use A5 sized planner for my work but I have recent gotten this LV agenda MM sized (equivalent to Filofax personal sized) as Mother's Day present. So I want to use this to plan my work and jot down ideas for my monthly Happie Planner Kit.  

P.S. I have been stamping a lot Simon the bunny and colour its shirt in various colour. I use it to decorate my May planner pages everywhere. 

See… You could see Simon peeking out from one of the pockets and also I love that Christine include Simon in this month planner charm. I am such a huge fans for planner charms. Can never have enough of these cuties. I cut down the planner stickers (which are designed by yours truly, available here) and slot them into the card slot pocket. The planner stickers are measured approximately 3.75' x 5.75' per sheet and I cut them into 4 tiny sheets for each piece.

I absolutely adore the notepad (with cute pencils illustration) in the May kit. 

I punched holes in some of my planner stickers and slot them into my planner. I use a paper clip to clip the sticker sheets together. The popsicle page marker is a test print version of my June 2015 Planner kit page marker. 

I love the Cover page for the Cocoa Daisy May kit, and this is definitely my favourite cover page for all the Daisy Day Planner kits.

I hole punched the 4xx6 PL cards and decorate the card  a little with this month stamp set and round tags. 

My fave would be the back of this PL card. Right side is the front page of the Week-on-2-pages inserts. I love how this month inserts have notes section for the weekly. I use the note section to jot down ideas and inspirations for my June Happie planner kit.

I trim down the corner of the kraft paper bag that keep the planner kit. I love the word Enjoy Everyday,  add washi tape to one of of the side, then stuck it to the back of the PL card. It is just perfect for holding a few sheets of the 3x5 notepad papers in the kit.

For the week-on-2-pages inserts, I use some planner stickers to cover up the days (Monday to Sunday) and add title to each of the topic that I need to work on. I love that the weekly pages have 6 section, with light gray colour grid. Aren;t those cloud and hot air balloon stickers cute?

Back of the week-on-2 page pages: I use to record the colour combination that I want to use in my June planner kit. I colour the circle dot stickers with copic markers and stuck them down. I can easily refer to the colour combination when I work on the kit. And the right page is just white paper sheet that I use to doodle / illustrate the design for my future kits.

And here comes the Daily pages - I don't use the Daily to do for my daily planning. Instead, I cover up the title of each section with some banner / flag planner stickers. I use this to make a checklist for my task. I also use the dew drop stickers to highlight the important tasks / reminders.

I love this PL card that is included in the kit and added Simon the bunny here just to brighten up my days. 

I used to used these cute week-on-one-page inserts either for my baby journal or #listersgottalist challenge. But this month since I am using it for planning my future kits, I use it to write down quotes / saying that I found related to a particular theme (in this case, which is summer and sunshine theme). I absolutely adore the Daisy day planner inserts and I want to make it work for my planning. So covering up some of the days / titles with planner stickers, and use it for work planning is just a perfect way to stretch my Daisy Day Planner! 

Thanks for looking and have an awesome day ;)

Monday, May 4, 2015

Planners | Life's Sweet In My Daily Planner

Hi Dearie =) I hope you girls (and guys) have a great weekend over there! I had a rather relaxing (but tiring long weekend here) as we had public holidays on Friday and Monday as well. So having such a long weekend means I had not been working on my little online store or packing mails (since there is no mailman picking up the mail). I am feeling a tad tired as Baby #2 has been really active in my tummy and Ivan is staying home 24/7 with me due to school holiday.

When Ivan was sleep, I was craving for some sweet bubble tea. Unfortunately I gotta resist the temptation of fixing my sweet tooth as drinking anything cold would make me having terrible backache recently. My awesome gynae says I could basically have everything and anything I feel like but I found that drinking ice tea or eating ice cream cause my backache to be worsen.

So my solution for my sweet tooth is to make some sweet stuff for my daily planner. I have already made plenty of coffee & tea paper clips and book marks a while ago, so this time round I am making a dashboard and page marker to complete the whole theme.

 I use 2 pieces of journalling card (in 3x4) tape it down and sent it to my laminator, punch holes and they are just perfect size as page marker for my personal sized planner.

And here's my dashboard / dividers with a sweet coffee cup.  I am not a coffee person but my lactose intolerance has gone really worse since I gave birth to Ivan. So I am currently drinking a cup of coffee (with a tad of sugar, without creamer / milk) daily instead of my favourite hot cocoa.

I have also designed some to-do list and weekly inserts for my planners. I am thinking of putting them up in my (currently inactive) Etsy store soon. Do let me know if you are interested ;)

And here's the discount code for enjoy 15% off Shop Evalicious goodies: HAPPIESCRAPPIE15 and shop here =) *Happy Shopping! - it's time to grab some cute puffy stickers and typewriter stamps!)

For more ideas for making planner goodies, refer to the previous blog post:


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Monday, April 20, 2015

Planners | From Scrapbooking Goodies to Planner Goodies

Hello there! It's Sam the #plannernerd to share how I use some of the Sop Evalicious new release in my planners. I actually started scrapbooking and card-making 4 years ago. And as time passed by, life getting more hectic with my2-year-old and also my little online store, scrapbooking has became a luxury for my hectic schedule. I am still shopping for pretty scrapbooking papers, stickers and stamps although i don't really use them for scrapbooking layout per-se. I always like to use these pretty scrapbooking goodies in my planners and I am going to show you some of the planner DIY ideas today. 

** For those who are interested in getting Shop Evalicious goodies, scroll to the bottom of the blog post for a 15% discount code**

Today I am using various goodies (puffy stickers, badges and stamp sets) from Life's Sweet collection to make bookmarks and paper clips. Nothing beats making cutesy paper clips to brighten up my planners.

I stamped a number bubble tea and coffee cup images and use Prismacolor to colour them. It took me a while to colour them because this is my second time using colour pencils. I love that the stamp set comes with cute smiley face, bubbles and hearts (for the milk tea) and also hand-written sentiments. I also stamp the banner (that says Life Is Sweet) using my water-colour stamp pad from Kodomo no Kao (my bestie got it for me from Japan). 

and now, let's get started to turn these scrapbooking goodies into planner goodies =)

1. Cute badge paper clips

These badges are so cute but it would be too bulky to be use in the planner pages. So I turned them into paper clips. All you need is hot melt glue (or any strong adhesive), paper clips, badges and a piece of felt. I cut some circle shaped felt pieces (or faux leather) by using the circle foam adhesive from the back of the badge as template.

Then position the paper clips (make sure the image on the badges are not up-side down or side way) and add a dollop of hot glue, and cover it up with felt / paper / faux leather. I am using faux leather here because I have so much pleather left over from making fauxdori previously.

These cute paperclips are so easy to make and it literally took up 5 mins to make a bunch of these!

2. Puffy Sticker Paper Clips

Agan, puffy stickers are so cute and perfect for scrapbooking layouts / project life pages. But adhering them on planner pages might cause some bulk and make writing on the back page a tad difficult. So I was thinking why not may these cute bubble tea stickers into paper clips?

All you need to do is adhere the puffy stickers to a piece of scrap paper / felt / pleather and cut around it to cover up the sticky part. To ensure the stickers and paper clips would adhere properly, I added hot glue wall over the back of the sticker and cover it up with felt / pleather.

I have also adhere two pieces of banner shaped puffy stickers together and make reversible paper clips.

3. Turn Stamp Image into Magnetic Book Mark

I stamped and color in a bunch of coffee cups and bubble tea. Then I took my own sweet time to fussy cut each of them. Did I mention fussy cutting could be so therapeutic? Then I trace the image of the cup on a piece of colour cardstock (which you can use white cardstock or patterned papers too).

Then I cut out the traced image for all the cups and milk tea. 
p.s. I cut an extra flap for each traced image as show above so that I could attached the two pieces together. 

I attached the stamped image and cardstock together with glue stick (just applied glue on the extra flap part.)

I laminated all the images and cut them out again. You would need magnetic tapes (or mini magnet disc) which I got mine from Daiso.

I cut out 4 pieces of magnetic tapes for the coffee cup bookmark.

To attach the magnetic tapes, I peel off the backing and attach two pieces on the inside of the bookmark. Then put the other two pieces on top of the adhered magnet tape (to ensure there are align properly).

These is how the magnet tapes look like when they are aligned properly. And now you have a cute magnetic bookmark.
(I made these magnetic bookmark by referring to this awesome tutorial by Under A Cherry Tree.)

And after an hour of stamping, colouring, cutting and gluing paper clips, I have a bunch of cute paper clips for myself and my planner friends. I hope for those who don't scrapbook or make project life pages, would find some ways to use these cute scrapbooking supplies in your planners.

And here's the discount code for enjoy 15% off Shop Evalicious goodies: HAPPIESCRAPPIE15 and shop here =) *Happy Shopping! - it's time to grab some cute puffy stickers and typewriter stamps!)

For more ideas for making planner goodies, refer to the previous blog post:


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