Friday, October 24, 2014

Mini Album | Thankful For *Elle's Studio'

It's been a while since I have made any mini album. I am loving this piece of Grey-Orange triangle patterned paper from the new Elle's Studio Sycamore collection. So I decided to use it to make the cover for my Thankful Journal. I believe everyday we should be focusing on happy moment and there are little things that we are thankful for.

I keep this mini album fairly simple. I cut papers into various sizes and fold them into half, bind them with pamphlet stitching. I then added some of the recent photos that I really love and some journalling tags. I leave the journaling spots blank and will fill up with my journalling before my bedtime.

The camera die-cut in cork sheet is just too cute. There are pages that have no photos at all so I could just journal to my heart.

This is such a precious photo of my toddler - I took this photo of him during his first day to pre-Montessori. I absolutely adore the way he sat there and observe his classmates during snack time.

Another photo of us went to Kinokuniya - a Japanese bookstore near our home. I love his outfit of the day and also he looked so tiny in between the book shelves.

I have a section of my daily planner to jot down notes that I am thankful for - and will transfer to the mini album when I have time to journal. Do you make any thankful album this year? I am thinking to make more thankful journal because I really want to remember and cherish every little moment. Time simply passed by too fast daily and we tend to forget about the little moments / things that we should cherish in our heart.


Thursday, October 23, 2014

Planner | My Work Planner Set Up Using Cocoa Daisy Day Planner

Hello there! Today I have a blog post up on Cocoa Daisy to share a simple set up of one of my work planner using Daisy Day Planner kit. I am in love with the peachy pink colour in the October kit so I decided to use a pink planner to go with it. And October is alsoBreast Cancer Awareness month, so I am all for PINK this month.

Some of the must haves when it comes to my day-to-day planning:
1- A 6-ring binders in A5 sized
2- Sticky notes and memo pad (from October kit)
3- Multi pens (Pilot Coleto, Zebra Prefill and UniStyle Fit, Muji)
4- Stickers (nothing fancy or decorative here, just mainly for colour coding or to draw my attention to the important dates)
5- Roller date stamps (from October kit oo)
6- Paper clips, page marker and binder clip as bookmarks
7- Planner Charms - I just swapped out the Today Charm from October kit to this deer charm because I am a tad obsessed with deer recently.

Set up-1

I am keeping my work planner fairly simple as I am just using this to record work related to-do, daily expenses and also ideas for blog post, blog & video schedule etc. I just want it to be practical and simple, plus I am using a faux leather planner here as I do bring my planner when I go out and about. I do not want to 'baby' my work planner as it will be keep in my bag risk being scratched by other keys and pouches. I keep two pens - a black gel ink pen and a multi colour pens from Uni-Style Fit. Can't live without colour pens, seriously. Then I also keep some sticky notes, basic stickers and paper clips on the cover. I didn't overstuff this planner as I want to keep it compact and lightweight to bring out most of the time.

Set up-2

I also added a vellum pockets to hold some stickers and masking stickers that I use for color-coding. I only keep about 1/2 stack of the memo pad that came with October kit to reduce the bulk. I am in love with this month memo pad, pretty yet super roomy to jot down my notes and thoughts.
  Set up-4

Set up-5

And this is the first dividers that I put my month on 2 pages, mainly putting down my blog and assignment schedule and some dates that I need to take note of for my social medias, such as videos, giveaways, blog hop, online classes etc.
  Set up-6

I have already set up my monthly pages using my own inserts when I started using this binder. But you get the idea - page flags from Target is to mark the blog schedule and the neon dot stickers are reminder of my to-do. You could also download Cocoas Daisy planner printables here to set up your monthly section.
  Set up-7

I also use the memo pad to write down my assignment deadlines by manufacturers / design teams. I like that the little dots on the memo pad could act as guideline for me write straighter ;) I have also laminated the cover page of the October planner kit to make it sturdier (so sorry for the glare).
  Set up-8I love that the back of the OCtober cover page is an OCtober calendar that it comes in really handy when I am planning my weeks. I also added a grateful for tag (from Elle's Studio) to write down things that I am grateful for, and will move the information to my Thankful Mini Album whenever I have time. Set up-9

I group my weekly and daily pages by week - mainly to record daily to-do such as emails, calls, schedule, to-do and reminder.I put a piece of weekly page then follow by5-7 pieces of daily pages so I could look at weekly and daily at a glance.
  Set up-10

Set up-12

I use a 3x4 Project Life card to use as my daily apge marker. I punched 3 holes with my Rakuten punch and stamp a monthly calandar with Waffle Flower Calendar stamp set.
  Set up-13

The next tab will be my social medias tab - blog post contents and ideas will all be dumped into this section. Sometimes I will sit in front of my desk for 30 minutes, browsing Pinterest, blogs or Instagram then jot down ideas that I have for my assignments or social medias. I also print out information about blog hops or guest post in A5 sized paper to add under this tab.
  Set up-15

Set up-14

The next tab will be my expenses tab: I added a vellum envelope to keep loose receipts before filing them.
  Set up-16

Set up-17

I am using a vertical week-on-2-pages inserts from DIY Fish (Free printables, Yay!) to record my daily expenses. I am showing a blank page here as the previous pages are all filled up with my financial details. I am keeping it fairly simple to keep up with my daily expenses - black pen for shop expenses and blue pen for personal expenses. Then I will total up the amount by grouping them into shop & personal by the end of the week. To be honest, I am never consistent in tracking my expenses and this format has been keeping me up-to-date so far.
  Set up-18

The last section will be notes section. I take out pages from one of my Kikki.K journal and punch holes to slot into my planner. I also punch holes on the shipping tag that hold the sticky memo (from Daisy October kit) to use it as marker for the notes section.
  Set up-19

This is just a very simple set up of work-related planner that I always bring it with me when I am out and about. I do have another work-related binder (much thicker and heavier) that stays on my work desk only. Do comment and let me know what are the planner-related blog post or how-tos that you would like to see in the future. And do remember to share your planner pages with us in our Planner gallery ;) 

Thanks for dropping by and reading up on my long blog post. Have an awesome day ahead!


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Randoms | I Am Still Here ;)

Hello there,

Some of you might be wondering why is my Big Cartel down for maintenance or it keeps showing 'Check Back Soon' for the past few days….. And I am so blessed that I have received some emails asking if I am feeling ok or some even asked if I am pregnant. Lol. No no no, I am not pregnant, I just need a little break, for the following reasons:

1. My mini-me has just started Montessori in October and we are still adapting to the new schedule. I am always a nocturnal person who works during the wee hours (till 4~5am) and I need to wake up 8.30am the next day to send him to school. It is very PAINFUL for me every morning since I am never a morning person. I also came to realisation that I haven't been spending much time with my family ever since my little shop has picked up a little + the number of assignments that I have to do monthly is kinda overwhelming. 

Nothing beats spending a lazy morning reading books, singing songs, doing silly dance with my 18-month-old.

2. I am kinda proud of myself being able to send out nearly 200 orders this month. Can't thank everyone enough for being so supportive + patience with me because sometimes it take me a few days just to reply emails. These mails stuck at my local post office for a few days because their system was down and it took a while to process all these registered mails.

3. This is how my room looks like during packing & shipping days. Being so unorganised is driving me crazy and I am totally in creative rut and unmotivated when my room is in huge mess.

Eeekkk! I couldn't even write on my work desk for a week. Invoices, washi tapes, pens, pencil cases and books are were all over my desk.

4. Even my dad said i need to re-organise my overflowing wasabi. Lol. Well, he calls my washi tapes as wasabi =P And then I asked him to made some new shelves for my work desk and I need a little re-organisation to fit my dual-screen. Can't wait to show you my room when I am done reorganising it.

5. My room barely has any floor space after my shipping day. It was kinda crazy and this was no where to be called a happy mess.

Then we moved the day bed out and did another round of re-organisation. Well, it is still very packed and messy, i think I would be able to clean things up after a few more rounds of purging ;) 

6. After reading A Bowl Full of Lemons' blog about 31 days of purging, I reorganised our living room, Ivan's play area and his wardrobe too. Well, my scrap room is messy but at least I have cleaned up one of the corner in the house.  I think I would not be able to be so consistent in doing the purging daily but I am very determined to purge area by area according to my own schedule. #abfol31daypurge

7. And here's another main reason I am taking a short break from work. I have a ganglion cyst of ping-pong ball sized on my right ankle. It's getting a little painful when I sit on the floor when I pack orders. I have had this ganglion cyst since I was heavily pregnant and it is getting bigger recently. So I went to see doctor and also did an Xray & MRI scan for this. Well, no biggie, i just need to schedule another appointment to go for an excision to remove this. 

8. I am also grateful to be able to take a mini break and its been a while since I had lunch with the hubs during weekdays ;)

8. I am also closing the shop to catch up on back logs and orders. My little shop is run by myself only with very little help from friends / family when it comes to packing / working on orders. I do feel terribly bad when I have so many unread / un-replied emails.

My to-do list was getting so crazily overwhelming that I felt extremely unmotivated.

9. My little shop is in need of stock-taking LoL. That's the part that I hate most.

10. I have to confess: I am never good in de-stressing or dealing with stress. So when I am so swamped with work, I can never be creative or work on assignments. This much needed break definitely help myself unwind a little and do more things that I love + work on ideas that I wrote on my to-do list for a while ;) Feel so good to be able to create something for myself, just for fun, not for order / assignments. 
Don't get me wrong, i do love working on custom orders or scrapbook assignments, but sometimes doing something without any guidelines, just follow your heart to create is really what I am craving for recently.

11. Can't help be thankful for all the little things at the moment and also drafting a few blog post to show you more about my planner set ups, stationery reviews etc.

12. Again, nothing beats spending time with my little one. He never fails to amaze me with his new tricks that he learns everyday, with his smile and his happy-self.

And also, extremely happy to bump into one of my long-time instagram firmed Pooi Chin who never fails to amaze me with her super awesome Midori Traveler's Notebook.

I seriously can't thank everyone enough for your concern and kind words. Just in case you are wondering, my little shop will re-open on 25th October and of course, with the new November Happie Planner Kit and some amazing new arrivals!