Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Garden Full Of Layouts

I attended the 4-layouts-in-3-hours workshop @ Paper Market two weeks ago. Love love love the bright colors. Those are the colors I never really use in my own layouts. I am so glad that I brought plenty of pictures and managed to complete all my layout in 3.5 hours. I stayed back half an hour just to complete these beautiful layouts.

Awesome layouts designed by Merdrey. I always love the way the way she does the layering

I fine tuned parts of the layouts to accommodate to my own pictures & titles. I couldn't help scrapping more and more layouts for my doggies too! There are 4 layouts to be shared here.... So be patient with me. 

Layout 1: Happy Times @ Simply Bread
Pictures of me & my brother went to Simply Bread for brunch. 

Love the chipboard butterflies & the title ' Happy times'  is from the chipboard set too.

More pictures of the layout. I don't really like this picture of mine as I look so FAT here >_<

Layout 2: WonderMilk+
My first time scrapping a total 6 pictures in a 12x12 layout. Love how the B&W photo became the center of attraction despite how busy this layout is.
WonderMilk+ is a very cute cafe selling cupcakes & drinks. I am not a big fans of cupcakes, hate the sweetness =P But their wonder milk drinks are really awesome. And I love the decor of this cute cafe... looks like a scrap room! 

This  B&W photo is my have! And this is my first time printing B&W photo, can you believe that? 

Drinks & the ambience is awesome. But the food is 'not-my-type' >_<

Layout 3: Daddy's Girl
A cute yellow layout for one of my doggies - Happy girl. She is a true daddy's girl. She couldn't sleep soundly when my father in-law is not around and her favorite things to do is enjoy watching TV with my FIL. To her, nothing beats watching TV next to daddy and get awesome belly rub from daddy!

The bicycle chipboard is so so cute! The picture next to this bicycle shows how much Happy girl hates bicycle. She hates going out for a walk or being a sledge dog pulling the bicycle, unlike my two other boy-dogs.

The stamp border is the favorite part of my layout. Fits just perfectly.

Layout 4: Fun In The Sun
A cute layout for the 3 doggies enjoying their rubber-ball session on last year christmas. My first time using Webster's Pages as I don't fancy a super Flowery / whimsical layout.

The cut out to place a picture is my fave! It looks like my doggie - Marco Boy is holding the red rose.

Aren't the Prima flowers cute? I grabbed 2 more packs from the LSS after the class =P 

That's it for the 4 awesome layouts. Thanks for being patient and read this lengthy post. Maybe you could drop me a comment & tell me which is your favorite layout / which part of the layout is your fave? XoXo.

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