Friday, December 26, 2014

Planners | How To Make Your Own Rainbow Divider Tabs

Hello Everyone! I have a a simple step-by-step post on Shop Evalicious blog to show how I make my own planner dividers and use various Shop Evalicious stamp sets to make own own patterned papers + rainbow tabs. If you look closely, those tabs aren't perfectly aligned / have straight edge. I am such an IM-perfectionist! *LoL* But those rainbow colours are seriously to die for.

This is a very photo-heavy post so I made the step-by-step into a simple collage.

This is basically a set of B&W dividers for my Kate Spade planner (equivalent to Filofax in Personal sized) with some colourful rainbow tabs. I was inspired by Erin Joy's video about her planner setup for 2015. I love how she set her filofax up in simply B&W.
1. I was looking for B&W patterned papers from my stash to match my black Kate Spade planner.
2. Okay, I cheated, I sneaked in 2 pieces of paper with a tiny bit of pastel colour.
3. Then I decided to stamp repetitive patterns to make my own patterned papers. I use Love Today stamp set to make this divider + add a tiny stripe of polka dots MT tape.
4. Then I wanted to have a typewrite & Banner patterned divider - so I made my own using Field Note Clear Stamp Set & Daily Life Clear Stamp Set.
5. Here's a peek of the 3 dividers that I made with stamping repetitively.
6. I couldn't stand that it is only in B&W so I added some paint splatter and water-colour using Distress Stain & Peerless Watercolor.
7. Then I used the inserts from my Kate Spade planner to use as a guide to punch the 6-holes for all the dividers.
8. I decided to stamp a few banners using Solid Banners Stamp set with various Versacolor ink pad.
9. I finally picked out 7 banners that I like which is in the following colours - form Blue to pink to yellow and green.

I stick the page tabs that I made with stamped banner with tape glue. Then send them to hot laminate. p.s. I took pictures of the dividers before I laminate them to avoid the glare. 

And here's a peek of the individual dividers. 

Thanks for looking and if you are interested, do check out the list of supplies that I used to make this set of dividers.

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