Saturday, May 19, 2012

Happy Mail Week

I have been ordering stuffs from US (Two Peas, Studio Calico, Pretty Little Studios, Sprees) and also from scrapbookers that i got to know via a Facebook group.

Let's see what I have gotten here:

Pretty things from Pretty Little Studio. I placed order in April while they were having free international shipping promo. The bunnies and banners are too too cute. I guess I am gonna hoard them for a while before I start using them. 

Lovely packaging... and guess what's inside?

Washi tapes! Got them at a hefty price tag ;( 

My Mr. Strong Man was lugging this super huge parcel all the way from office back home.
It weighs 25lbs ;P

25 lbs of yummies in a box!
150 sets of stamps (not all are mine, of course! I have been collating order for friends in Singapore to share the shipping), Mister Huey, Dear Lizzy goodies, and Sakura Souffle pens that I have been eyeing.

And another much smaller box from Studio Calico as I have only placed order for the new released stamps. Can't wait to stamp 'em on my Smash*  =)

And my awesome mum got these skincare for me from Korea ;)

And look, Junior got me a gingerbread man. So shuper sweet of him!

My camwhore furries!

Junior looks so fat from this unflattering angle ;)

And then he farted..... hmph!


  1. i can imagine how happy u were when u receive the package because i feel so happy just by reading this post!! hahaha... i see lots of LF stamps and i love them too! Anyway, whats the FB group you are in? Care to share with me?

  2. Hi I chanced upon your blog and I am just wondering if you are still taking orders from studio calico this year. If so, I would love to join your spree... it's hard to get their stuff here....esp their stamps!!!

  3. Hi I chanced upon your blog and I am just wondering if you are taking orders for Studio Calico this year. If so, I would love to join you cos it is impossible to get their stamps in any of the retail shops here. Do email me: Thanks!


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