Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Planners | My Planner Set Up for 2015 & Free Printables for Your Filofaxes!

Hello everyone! I actually have a video up on Cocoa Daisy blog and YouTube about my planner set up for year 2015. It took me nearly 3 months to tweak the settings, changing the tabs, the inserts and also the number of planners that I am currently using.

Since I am trying to keep this blog post relatively short, here's the link to the video:

I know, I know, it sounds ridiculous that I am actually using 4 personal sized planners, and also a fauxdori + A5 sized planners that I didn't mention in the video. But whatever works that makes our life stay organised eh?

And here's the sneaks of the March 2015 Happie Planner Kit:

I started with this original sketch / drawing of the mason jar and make it into a dashboard. I draw with Pigma micron pen and colour it with my newly acquired prisma colour pencils. Coloring is so therapeutic and there is so much more to learn to improve my noob skill ;)

Then we digitise the drawing and print them out - colour with Peerless water-colour. It took me like hundred trials to get the colours, effect and sizes that I want. It is so much more work to make this mason jar dashboard than the page markers that we included in the previous kits, so I do hope you girls would love it! And yes, both personal sized kits & A5 sized kits will get one of these mason jars (without hole-punch) - since you can use them as dashboard, book mark or pencil board. For those who didn't subscribe to the kits, I have also listed these cuties in my shop here. Check them out alrighty?

Personal Sized kits:

Instead of just showing what are the products will be included in the March kit, some of my lovely subscribers would like to see how I use the bits & pieces from my kits. So I am gonna change things up this month! I am showing you how I use the sticky notes and stickers that came in the personal sized kits here - I did not sneak in the pen, washi tape, diary stickers and paper clip here. But I just want to show you how I decorate my weekly pages (inserts from Cocoa Daisy Day Planner Kit) using just part of the kit.

A5 Kit:

I just love love love the heart & geometry shape writing markers here. Only part of the page flags have adhesive so I am using tape glue to stick them down, since these are gonna be permanent of my weekly pages. Again, I am using inserts from Cocoa Daisy March kit (in A5 sized)

I am also running 4 giveaways on my instagram account (@happiescrappie) —> so now, go follow me and check out the individual giveaway to find out how to join the giveaways that are gonna end on 15th March. ;) I love love love the #planneraddict community on instagram, so I thought this would be the best way to return to all my lovely followers - sharing my interest and passion, and also goodies that I love. The giveaway includes ring binder, faucdori (by @pellestudio), my happiedori and also a mint zipper pouch (that can be used to keep stationery & hobonichi).

And last thing that I would like to share in this post would be…. as I mentioned in my recent video, the hubs sent me to Photoshop and AI lesson, so that I can learn to digitise my doodle & also create printables. So here you go, I created my very very first printables with the typewriter that I draw for February kit, so let's start with the to-do list & a pink typewriter list here.

I created the free printables in A5 sized and personal sized only as I do not use pocket sized planner myself. If there is any request, drop me an email / leave your request in the comment and I will do my best to work on them. No promise as there are still a lot to learn in using the softwares.

So here you go:

Please take note that these printables are for personal use, do not share the actual file / downloadable link on your blog/ website. Instead, link this blog post up and send your lovely friends here. Your lovely comments and requests would keep me motivated in creating more and more printables in the future!



  1. Sam, I loved your printables!!! Thank you... Are beautiful.

  2. Ah these are so pretty. I have total planner envy now haha.

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  3. Thank you for the printables!!! I just love your site here & on IG. I was going to order some things from you and had my order ready then realized the shipping was gonna total more than my order due to being over seas from each other. :( I just downloaded the to-do list and found that my planner I've had for years is considered "personal size". I am BRAND NEW to this and want to order a kikki k or websters pages planner in the future. I am still trying to figure all this out but to beautiful places like yours to visit, it helps. xoxo

  4. I love this! Thank you so much ��

  5. Exactly what I was looking for, thank you!!! :)

  6. Thx so much! See you on IG! (@callelillycafe)

  7. Love the blue and pink to do list for my A5 mint planner
    Best regards.

  8. So adorable. Thank you so much.

  9. So adorable. Thank you so much.

  10. I can't find this freebee to print


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