Saturday, May 5, 2012

Smash*ing Love

Smash*ing is good for me because:
1) I have very little time to scrap recently
2) Project Life looks very intimidating to me... (no offense to all Project Life fans! It's just that I am not that committed to do a weekly 2-pages spread. I still enjoy looking at others' Project Life very muchie.) 
3) I like it being super RANDOM & versatile
4) I do not have to plan my pages or follow a sketch. Deciding on which embellies go well with my pages. I normally just anyhow, stick, stamp, write, doodle on my SMASH book.
5) I seem to enjoy my life more... by collecting (or rather stealing) the coaster, tissue paper, business card, flyers, brochure from the cafe / restaurant, taking more random + daily pics. I just love how Ethan + my family & friends help me in collecting memorabilia as they know I have been SMASH*ing.
5) I am simply addicted to the idea of SMASH*ing
6) Change my way of scrapping.... I can't add pop dots / bulky embellies. And I can't be bothered with lignin free / acid free anymore.

This page feature how I spend my weekends & the kitties who stay near my flat.
I didn't really like the page on the right, so I stamp the speech bubbles (using Paper Smooches He Said, She Said & Lawn Fawn Bannerific)

Nothing much on the left... just stick down some random MT tapes / washi tapes that I just bought recently. My collection of washi tape has expanded rapidly recently.... 
The right page featuring my day spent at KLCC with my new found Scrappy Friend- Cheryl, Ethan & my bestie L. Love love Instax!
Oh btw, please drop by Cheryl's blog too! She is the DT of a LSS in Kuala Lumpur & Pretty Little Studio.

Love the background of these pages... 
I am a big fans of ice creams & chocolates. I have been cutting and smash*ing ice cream cup on my SMASH* book very often. 

This pink girl stamp image is part of the gift from Cheryl. It's so cute that it definitely deserve a pic on its on. <3

One of my favorite page... Last piece of my Instax film was taken with my Doggie Rescuer friends. No more films for the cute puppy that I picked up (or rather stole) during the weekend. Thus I resorted to stamp the Polaroid frame (using Studio Calico Wonderful World Stamp) and draw a picture of Marcus the puppy. It turned out to be super cute, don't u agree?

Me collecting business card / tissue paper / cup sleeve.
Oh ya.. me loving the 'Made With Love' tag that I drew myself. Click here to view the original Made With Love (a LSS in Singapore) logo.

Another random 2-pages featuring my love for MT masking tape. How I like to use 'em and crazy ideas using MT. The pic on the left shows Me & Cheryl share our collection of MT/Washi tapes.

Loving my new babe Selphy. I got to print out pictures whenever I want to Smash*. I don't have to go through all the hassle of sending to a photo shop to print.

Awesome + random ideas. 
My new toys (Canon Selphy, Instax & Fujifilm) are all in white! Love 'em all!

My fur friends on the left! I started falling in love with the kitties outside my flat and I really can't wait to have my own place here so that I could adopt a pet.
Colorful page on the right featuring my fetish for ice cream and frozen yoghurt.

Our trip to IKEA on 1st of May (Labour Day) to revamp my scrappy space. My collection of stash + supplies has expanded rapidly that things are all over the floor, couch, under the bed. So scary that I wanted new book case from IKEA so badly to organize my stash.

I love smashing so terribly that I currently have 5 SMASH* Folios (in Doodle Red, Eco Green, Retro Blue, Mod Black & Simple Orange) + all the accessories like stickies, date stamp, tapes, pads... I am very tempted to get the large pocket folio to use it as Guest book for my wedding reception in October. 

Smash* books on one of my Expedit bookcase. Smash pads and other accessories on the cupcake tier... 

These are part of my SMASH*ing accessories too.

If my SMASH post has not convinced you to be a SMASHer, please watch this cute video again. Love the cute background music & doodle poodle. *p/s: I am not the ambassador / DT for SMASH*. I just love the randomness and easiness of SMASHhing that I would love to share will all the scrapbookers.


  1. Wow!! I love ur smashing book! And I understand where u r coming from! I prefer keeping recruits and tissues of biz card etc n project life seems harder to keep up!

  2. woweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez............ SMASH enabler!!! no... you make me wanna buy 2 smash books hahaha~~~ very nice works you have here and your arigurumis are so cute :DDD the sun wu kong is so big @_@

  3. Hi Sam Sam, thanks for sharing your SMASH pages... i totally fall in love with SMASH now, where can i buy the SMASH book? KL shops has it?

    1. Hi Annie, Not sure about KL... never bought any scrapbook thingy in KL before as I am located in SG now. if you would like to.... drop me an email:
      i can be your proxy buyer to get from SG as i normally go back to KL once a month.
      the medium folio is SGD25.90. i think I can get up to 40% disc since they have promo!

    2. Hi WaiSam, i drop you an email at

      Thanks for your speedy response, appreciate it :)

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Hi Annie, its actually waisam[dot]ho[at]gmail[dot]com

  4. omg i love, love, LOVE your pages!!! every single one of them!!!! i too am in love with smashing!!! love your blog will put it in my favorites so i can visit it everyday. thanks so much for sharing xoxox julie

  5. Wow, what fantastic Smash pages. I love them. TFS.

  6. Wah! I love your way of doing the smash book. My book is still in the packaging. But you have inspired me to start... Thanks Gal!


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