Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I'm Still Smash*ing....

Hello hello! I know you probably have been waiting/drooling for updates on my Smash books? 
*This pic of Junior watching me eating Bayberry is just so-cute-to-not-post!*

I am super duper excited today as my Smash book was featured on Smash Stories Blog! Please visit their blog to see how ppl around the world use their Smash books.

I have 'almost' finish using my Red smash and now I can't wait to start using my Black smash. Love love love all the pages! As you can see here.... anything (most probably Junks!) that you can't bear to throw them  away, just smash 'em down! What a great way to organize junks and scraps. The choc chip brownies that my mum-in-law brought back from UK was so awesome that I have to smash it down. I just received the new release Studio Calico stamps today and I just have to use them here. 

Not a stamps collector but I have been collecting the stamps from 'happy mails' that I received lately. 

And some updates to justify why I have not been scrapping / smashing / Facebook-ing recently:

We brought Junior to East Coast Park for swimming yesterday. I guess we were much more excited than him. Eventually he was too afraid of the waves and never get into the sea no matter how we lure him! But we definitely enjoy ourselves walking him @ East Coast Park! Maybe we can cycle with him in the park the next trip ;D

Wondering what can I do to help the shelter animals & stray dogs...

Betrayed Apple & switch from iPhone to Galaxy Note. And I am loving it <3

And I just have to post the pic of this Elmo x Hello Kitty.

Having McDee's every Thursday to collect the Hello Kitty. Not a big fans of Kitties but it's hard to not fall for Hamburglar kitty!

Shop Shop Shop till I drop... It's Great Singapore Sales now! Shoes, clothes, scrapbook supplies etc...

Okay! I admit I am a toilet-whore. Can't help to take pics when I see huge mirror! Did you notice my huge phone? My colleagues commented it looks like I am holding an iPad as a phone! And oh ya... I just <3 my new Aldo 5-inch heels! But I can barely walk with this gorgeous heels.

Pardon the wrinkly fingers >_<
I am in love with gelish mani-pedi recently! Super blue & shiny eh?

That's it for my long overdue post! Promise will come back with more Smash posts and hopefully scrap a layout or two. *hugs* =)


  1. Thanks Joey :) happy smash*ing to you too

  2. Congrats on being featured!

    I want to shop in LSS GSS too, but the USA stuffs seems more attractive. haha!

    Love the killer heels!

  3. Hi! You're from KL right? I am Amirul Zain and I was just wondering where you get your Smash Books and at what price. Thank you!

    1. Hi Amirul, sorry for the late reply. I got mine from Studio Calico (online) & also LSS in Singapore. You could try your hands on Simon Says Stamps etc.

      I am from KL but currently stay in Singapore. So i got most of my stuff from Paper Market & Made With Love in Sg. If you would like to, I could get some stuff from Singapore as I go back to KL every month. Cheers XX