Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Woo Hoo~ Project Life Week 1

Yes! You got it right, I am finally jumping into the Project Life bandwagon after resisted it for almost a year. I just feel that that this project requires huge huge commitment to record you daily life and do at least a weekly spread. I resisted very very hard initially as I know I am expecting a baby boy in mid April and life gonna be real busy coping with a newborn eh? Then I think twice, isn't this the most wonderful moment that I gotta record it with photos, pen & papers? 

So I told Ethan about this awesome project that he named it Life Project. Sounds like if you don't do this project it is gonna be real life-threatening, LoLs. We even off to Scraplicious to check out the Project Life Core Kit and ended up we resorted to pulling my own kit using my stash.

I am still very much struggling with my cover page. But I know I am gonna use this amazing cut files from Tina Azmus for my both my planner & PL cover page!

Shopping needed to be done before the commencement of a huge project right? I picked a hot pink & bright orange WRMK leather album to hold my spreads. Reason for picking pink? Just because I am expecting a baby boy and I could foresee that my house would be overwhelmed with different shades of blue in near future. So at least I can decided I need more PINK for my craft area right? ;)

I had so much fun working on the title card for Week 1 and Week 2. Pardon my crooked stitching but I think they look kinda cool not being straight though, The title cards pretty much spell out the color combination that I want for my spread - Blue, teal, yellow, green, grey and a hint of red/pink, By the way, if you squint your eyes on my Week 1 card, you will notice I actually stitch on the heart wood veneer. Not sure how it went through but I couldn't stitch through the foam thickers. Any tips? I have already changed to a much thicker needle!

Tadah! here's my Week 1 spread. I am quite glad how it turned out. I found that the toughest part for doing a PL (to me at least) is organizing the daily photos and choosing which photos to be printed / included. Not so much of pulling the embellies, journalling cards and filler cards together. I am trying very hard to keep it as flat as possible as I do not want to end up with a bulky albums.  

Week 1 spread: Love using bits of stamps here n there.... I tend to stamp more when I am working on PL and Smash Book than on a layout.

I added some stitching here and there and realize it doesn't give much impact to the spread since everything is kept in the pocket but I still couldn't help using my sewing machine. I hand-written all my journalling as I am too lazy to pull out my typewriter. And yes, i realize it isn't easy to take picture of those spreads with their plastic sleeves on. Gotta avoid those glaring spots. 

Off to work on my Week 2 spread, spring wreath for our front door and some canvas painting. Thanks for looking. XoXo.


  1. im quite surprised you starting PL!!!!! haha!!! coz u are macam the lazy type hahaha.. but i really like your PL! its very nice :D

  2. woohoo!!!
    first - CONGRATULATIONS on having a baby boy!!! i personally adore boys ♥ take care and stay both happy and healthy.
    second - your Project Life project rocks!!! it'll definitely turn out awesome ♥ i'm already in love with everything you have for both weeks.
    looking forward to your upcoming weeks.
    stay in love ... ♥♥♥


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