Thursday, February 28, 2013

Enjoying My Last Lap - Week 32

Before I shared my layout, today I started my morning with whole loads of mess! All thanks to my two fostered dogs. Firstly, the younger dog - Sasha decided she is better off sleeping on the floor than her comfy baby bed. So she just ripped the whole bed apart and it looked like we were having a terrible BLIZZARD here! I think she was having so much fun creating such a huge mess but NO FUN for me.

And then the other dog - Junior stepped on Sasha's poop for the second time this week! There were shitty paw prints all over the floor... From backyard, all the way to kitchen, craft area, living hall and also his bed! What a way to start my day. Since I am a Project Lifer, so I should embrace and enjoy every little moment in my life right? So I took out my camera to document all these and these are definitely going into my PL album!

This is just a quick layout that I made after completing my Project Life Week 8. Trying to use up every bits that was left over from the PL spreads as I am too lazy to clean up the 'craftermath'. I actually stamps some feathers with glue pad and sprinkled over some some Martha Stewart Opal Fire (Bronze) glitter but it just turned out awful. So i covered those glitter feathers with tonnes of embellies that were left over from my Studio Calico 'HeyDay' ephemera pack. I even added a piece of gold polka dots vellum on the top left corner but it was way too distracting, so I decided to rip it apart and that explains why i have random machine stitching there. But I quite like how it turn out eventually, so talk about happy accidents ;) At least its something out of my comfort zone and I am stitching my layout in a so-called creative way by following prompts from Wilna F's Art Class.

I am running out of ideas for the title of my baby bump layouts! Any ideas for next week baby bump layout? The embellies are kinda overwhelming but i also like how it was toned down by the pale blue pattern paper. The glitter splatter is from Martha Stewart Blue Saphire but it looks more like silver here. It's a very pretty blue glitter!

Told ya, the blue glitter is simply gorgeous! I normally hate working with glitters because it would end up being all over the craft desk and the floor but not on my projects! And the best part is, my dogs like to sleep next to my desk when I am crafting so talk about adding glitter to the doggies instead of layouts! >_<

I like to messy-stitch the corner back and forth to create some texture to my layout. It is my first time adding messy stitches in such a way.

Those were the brads that I was very determined to use 'em up after been hoarding for ages. I added messy stitches again and stamped over it for some added interest. Gonna do this again!

I am off to create another layout inspired by Amy Tangerine Signature Series now! Hopefully i would be able to get it done before i go out for my antenatal classes in the evening. Thanks for looking and leaving comments! XoXo.


  1. I'm glad you grabbed your camera for the "mishaps" like you say, it's all part of life. And my, that's another gorgeous layout

  2. gorgeous layout! :D Love the splatters and the stitchings!

  3. this layout remind me that i have the same emblishment and still in the plastick bag. i have to do more layout or my hubby gonna kill me coz i have so many paper and emblisment at home fiuh. anyway also love this layout sam!

  4. those dogs and your layout are seriously cute! that mess sounds crazy. my brain went completely blank, so i'm no help in the title department. you are a busy scrapbooker indeed. :)


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