Saturday, January 11, 2014

Project Life⎪Dealing with Blank Page Syndrom *Citrus Twist Kits*

Hello there! It's second Friday of year 2014. I am so honour to be able to share my very first Pocket Life 2014 cover page with all go you. The thought of starting a new PL album for year 2014 makes me excited and nervous at the same time. Just because I could start fresh - making new plans and setting new style/strategies for my new PL album , and also I might just skipped the 4 weeks that I have missed out in 2013 and move on to a brand new year. I was thinking missing just 4 weeks out of 52 weeks isn't too bad right? And I am pretty sure I have scrapbook those more scrap-worthy and important moment into my 12x12.

Besides feeling excited with all the new plans for my Year 2014 PL, I am having blank page syndrome too.It always occur to me whenever I start using a new notebook or planner. And also, i didn't have any cover page for my 2013 PL album till now. I was waiting for an awesome page or idea to strike so that I could make a fabulous cover page for my 2013. And it didn't happen at all. I just on from the 1st album to the second album without any cover page. hahaha. Does that sound familiar to you too?

And here I am, with my cover page for my PL 2014, with my One Little Word - MAGIC. The cover page is not fantastic, it is simple, took me less than 30 mins to complete it. I spent most of the time to look for my favourite photo out of 13 thousand photos on my iPhone - thats why it is time consuming.

PL Cover 2014 1

PL Cover 2014 2

To overcome my blank page syndrome for starting a new PL album, all I do here is print plenty of photos (slightly smaller than 2 inch x 2 inch), cut some pattern papers to fill some of the pockets, add some sequins and stitch the pockets. And oh boy! I love this month kit to the max because Trina reads my mind! She had designed a wood chip pieces in the word ' MAGIC' and that is so part for me to include my One Little Word to my cover. 

Just in case you are wondering what made up of my printed photos - those are mainly photos of baby (because my 2013 is all about him), my love & my family, my scrapbook and craft photos, my scrap area etc. 

Sorry for writing such a long post without much photo. I hope that this post would inspire you to do something about your PL album cover page if you haven't!



  1. I haven't make my 2014 cover but I am so inspired by yours!!

  2. I love your cover, Sam! I follow you on Instagram and always love to see your work! So I decided it was time to show some love here on your blog as well!


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