Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Layout⎪So Loved *me & my BIG ideas*

I have a layout up on me & my BIG ideas blog today! Go check it out here!

For this layout, I use  the POCKET PAGES™ and spiced them up on a regular scrapbook layout.  I love how versatile these cards is - that you could use them on layout, on pocket style scrapbooking (i.e. Project Life) or even make a card with them!  I also use mambi Puffy numbers with the embellished pastel POCKET PAGES™ cards.  

There are a few favourite things on this layouts:

1. I love all things pastel - pink, blue yellow are my fave!
2. Glitter! those glitter chipboard stickers and cards are simply stunning!
3. Arrow! I like to use arrow to draw people's eyes to the photo.
4. I also like to use numbers to create a flow to my layout - i think most of us are programmed in such a way that you will follow the sequence 1,2,3 when you look at the layout. Do tell me if this happens o you too? 

so loved 1

p.s. This photo is so scrap worthy because it is really difficult to take a nice selfie of three of us. this photo is a tad grainy, a tad blurry but it is super duper precious to me! I also love how baby Ivan lift his left foot up whenever I press the snap button! Maybe thats the way a 9-month-old pose? He is such a natural poser! lol

And here's some close up of the layout:

so loved 2

What Winne The Pooh said makes a lot of sense right?

so loved 3

I scrapped this photo the very same day I took the photo ;)

so loved 4



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  1. Yes! It does happen to me! I do tend to look at the numbers in order!
    That is a lovely layout with such a lovely picture! The colors are wonderfull too! Great job!


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