Saturday, March 1, 2014

Mini Album⎪Wedding *Write Click Scrapbook*

Hello there! The gallery for Write Click Scrapbook is up today and this month's theme is Mini Madness. As you know I am not good at making mini albums or mini books. I always need a little push to get started on making one - for instance, watching online video tutorials are the best inspiration and motivation ever. 

This mini album is so precious to be just because:
1. this is my one and only album that I made for our wedding. I mostly scrap about Mr. Ivan Siew nowadays.
2. Its a mixed media album inspired by my scrap idol - Celine Navarro's class for Two Peas - Mini Books Big Style. Good thing is I was so inspired to make more mini albums after watching the video. Sadly, I only made one ;P
3. This is my first attempt on doing something more mixed media. Glad that it is so easy and just a little messy to do. Yes, washing 12 stencils is the messiest part of all!

And here's my mini album. I keep it fairly simple with only using resin, flowers and crystals from Prima Marketing Inc as embellishment. And this is the cover of my mini album - sized 4' x 6'. I paint the background of the chipboard cover with thick layer of white gesso then mist some Mister Huey + water. Place it vertically so that the paint would drib. Then add flowers and sequins to call it done. Once the cover is done, the inside pages are even easier than I thought.

I printed about 12 B&W photos in 4' x 6'. And the rule of this mini book is one page with photo (without embellishment) and the page next to it would have a lot of textures using moulding paste and stencils from Prima Marketing Inc. I keep the embellishment pretty simple but flowers are bulky. So this mini book turned out to be a Dictionary. LOL

The process for making the textured pages are pretty simple:
1) Spread molding paste over the stencils and wait for an hour or two for drying completely.
2) Wash your stencils asap! else its hard when the paste dry up and you need to scrub a little to get the paste off your stencils.
3) Mist each textured page with Heidi Swapp Color Shine. I keep the colour scheme to pink blue and a little yellow since thats the colour theme for my wedding banquet. Then wipe the page with baby wipes to keep the colour lighter and also wipe away the mist on the molding paste part. You gotta do it right after you have misted else the mist would stay on the molding paste part.
4) Once I am done with all the misting then I add flowers, alphabet stickers and crystals.
Easy Peasy right?

Photo credit: Paul Kong (my awesome wedding photographer)



  1. This is a GORGEOUS mini, Sam! Both the actual book and the content! :)

  2. wah!! love this so much!!! i never good in mix media >"<~~LOL~


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