Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Stationery⎪Reviews for MonAmi AquaPlus FineLiner 0.4mm

I currently have 3 personal sized planners - 1 Kikki K in Mint with cute gold dots, 1 Filofax Original in yellow and 1 Kate Spade Wellesley Zip Around in pink. I am only using one as my daily planner and swapping the inserts. The other two would just sit in my planner basket do-nothing until I swap the inserts again. So now, I have decided to dedicate one of my planner to record my pen swatches and also random stationery stuff. Don't call me a stationery addict eh?

P.S. I omitted the m in the title. It should be 0.4mm (not 0.4m)

Today I am gonna do my very very first pen reviews - its a noob and newbie review because this is first, and I don't look at a lot of things when I buy pens. To sell me a pen, you just need to show me that the pen has wide range of colours and it writes smoothly. And that's it, I would go home with more pens than I ever need.

I first came across MonAmi Aquaplus Fineliner 0.4mm when I was looking for Staedtler Triplus Fineliner. I know Stabilo Point 88 is a good (and cheaper) substitute for the Staedler fineliner but i didn't want to get them because I want to try something new. I have been using Stabilo when I was in school. And then I saw this MonAmi Aquaplus which is a Korean Stationery brand in my local book store. The price is just slightly more expensive than Stabilo so I thought I would just give it a try. And you can get them from my shop too, here and here.

Features of MonAmi Aquaplus Fineliner (according to MonAmi website):
- Fineliner with metal-holder plastic tip 

- Ergonomic triangular barrel for effortless, fatigue-free writing 

- Water based ink 
- Precise, consistant line width 
p.s.: it is not permanent on non-porous surface like plastic and metal.

I didn't get all the colours available but they do have about 20 colours choice. And here's my swatch:

What I like about the MonAmi Aquaplus FineLiner:
❤ Wide range of colours - I ❤ rainbow!
❤ Color is bright and vibrant
❤ Writes smoothly
❤ The ink dries qucikly
❤ Ergonomic - Triangular barrel what makes holding the thin pen quite comfortable even writing for long hours

And what I don't like about the pens:
✖ It bleeds and show through the other side of the paper (a little)
✖ non water resistance (because it is water based ink)

The pens are thin so I could slot into the pen loop in my Kikki K planner easily. And these 5 are my favourite colours from MonAmi Aquaplus - Yellow, Sky Blue, Aqua Marine, Pastel Pink and Coral.

They do resemble the look of Staedler Triplus Fineline, don't they?

Ergonomic design - Triangular barrel that makes holding the pen more comfortable. And the pens are also very light (but slightly heavier than Stabilo Point 88)

Love the wide range of vibrant colours ❤  get them  here and here =)

And recently I have gotten an acrylic pen holder from Muji. It holds my pens perfectly, but the only thing is I have more pens than it could hold. So I would need to get another 2, or maybe three. LoL.

It's funny how I started this blog blogging about scrapbooking and card making. And recently I have been obsessed with planners and stationeries and thus I am also blogging more about these. Next up would be the papers I used in my planners / Filofax. Stay tuned!



  1. Great review, Sam! And I love the pen holder, and have a feeling you would need more than 3 of them! :-)

    1. hahahah i need to collect all the colours!

  2. Thank you for the review! Now I discovered MONAMI Aqua Plus, an alternative of the more expensive staedtler triplus pens. :) And they look nicer than Stabilo Point 88 too.
    I'm gonna head to Ebay for those lovely MONAMI Aqua Plus pens now!! :3
    ** I can't seem to access the links for your shop :(

  3. Monami Fineliners are easier to find than Staedtlers and it is indeed in the Staedtler Fineliner's price range in Malaysia. The only thing I don't really like about it is that the tip's consistency differs for each colours. If we were to write one sentence using different colours of the aquaplus, you can see that some tip is a bit thicker than the others... but the ultrafineliners are the best although it is super hard to find!

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