Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Mini Album | Citrus Twist Kits - 2 Girls, 2 Perspectives Mini Album Class

Citrus Twist Kits has a new self-paced mini album class called '2 Girls, 2 Perspectives' from 2 designers using the class kit this month. At just $10 this class is full of ideas to create your perfect sweet mini and will be delivered to your email inbox as a 48-page ebook.

decide to play along and joined the mini album class too. And here's a pic of my work in process using the class kit and online class which are available here. I love the new stamp sets that April Joy has designed for Citrus Twist Kits this month, so I used them on the album, and also my planner pages.

I love April's stamp set (Birthday and Hello Sunshine) so much that I have been stamping them on everywhere, literally.

I use two pieces of 6x6 canvas chipboards as my album covers and added some die cuts and paint for a simple cover. Oh, the theme of my little book is to record all the little things that made me happy. So it is actually like my Gratitude journal to remind myself to be happy and count my blessings. Of course I have to include photos of my little Sunshine - baby Ivan!

Here is the class kit, available here for $41 plus shipping: I love the mix of pastel colour and some whimsical / vintage embellishments added to the kit.

In this class designers Mira Wlosinska and Trina Craig share their individual approached on creating a mini album, each album a different size and approach. We have a private Facebook forum that you will be invited to join as part of this class to share your album progress and ask questions.

Here is a sneak from Trina's album with a little stitching, a lot of layers and some stamping:

Here is another sneak from Mira's album:

Thank you for dropping by today! We hope to see you in the 2 Girls, 2 Perspectives class! And yes, all the students that enrol to the mini album class will be added to a Facebook group where we can chat about the albums and sharing ideas! See you there!

p.s. Would like to share some simple cards that I have sent recently using April's stamp sets too. I don't do pen palling but it is always fun to include some handmade cards in some of my happie mails!



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