Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Altered Projects | A Peek Into My Fauxdori / Happiedori As Travel Journal

Hello there, as mentioned in the previous post, I have uploaded a video, walk you through how I made my Happiedori (Fauxdori / Midori-inspired traveler's notebook). And this post, I would like to show you some of the pages in my Shanghai traveler's notebook.

Here's the video and remember to leave me a comment / give me a thumbs-up! That would mean a lot to me for making more and more videos.

Here's a pic of my travel essentials:

1. Midori Traveler's Notebook /Fauxdori / Happiedori 
2. Freckled Fawn pouch + Oh Deer Me kit
3. Pens (I used Pilot Coleto & Uni Style-fit here)
4. Fujifilm Instax Share printer (which can print iPhone photo wi-fi) (Related blog post on how to edit your Instax photo)
5. M&M's (I can't travel without these!)
6. Washi tapes - I use them to decorate my journal, seal my M&M's bag, paste receipts to my journal etc. Sky is the limit when it comes to how to use Washi tapes.
7. Stickers

I also love how the Frecked Fawn Oh Deer Me kit August pouch actually match the neon yellow Happiedori.

I added a love charm that I got from a gift shop in Shanghai.

First page: Travel Itinerary and self made pockets with Project Life cards. And also love the colourful rainbow tabs.

Things to pack / bring:

Daily Itinerary which I stamp the list using this Freckled Fawn stamp sets.

The rest are some of the daily pages that I added my journaling, instax photos, memorabilia, train tickets  etc. I do it in a Smashbook way and just journal down my thoughts on how I feel about the places, weather, food and people. I like that I actually did most of my journalling on the spot (right in the restaurant, on the train or in the hotel at night) so I could remember and jot down my thoughts immediately.

Met my Instagram friend @abshanghai (Arlyna) in Plaza 66, Shanghai. The Dining Room is such a cute restaurant with yummy Shanghai food!

We went to The Dining Room 3 times just because my hubs loves the food there! I ran out of Instax film so I drew the food here. The blank inserts from midori (not the water-colour paper type) actually holds the water-colour painting quite well!

I initially bought Malaysia Airlines air tickets to Shanghai but decided to asked for a full refined because of the tragedy that happened to MAS recently. So we switch to Thai Airways and transit at Bangkok to meet my Instagram bestie - Golf. So glad that I got to meet her just a day before she gave birth!

She brought me to a Thai Cuisine for lunch and a cute cafe called Mr Jones for some pastries and tea.

In love with creative lettering recently and considering taking an online class to work on it. Just wish I would have more time to do more things creative. I haven't been creative or crafting much lately and that makes me sad :(

And this is a pic showing the side tabs. I added diary stickers to the side tabs to prettify them. They are really pretty, aren't they?



  1. So pretty and so easy! I'll definetly make a fauxdori for my next trip, I love the result! Thanks for the tutorial!

  2. Can't love more your style!! You inspired me to make a travel journal for my trip to Japan. Can't wait for my happiedori journal to arrive!!
    Thanks for the tutorial

  3. This is the cutest travel journal I have seen in a while!!! Adorable and so so fun!

  4. ahhhh do you sell it?......i want one.

  5. i love yr posts and lovely English :)


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