Friday, September 26, 2014

Randoms | Confession of A Plannerholic

Hello hello there =) I don't know why but I just want to confess…..

This is an old setting of my craft room. And you can read my ultimate Scraproom Tour here. One day, one day I will do a blog post or video for my new craft room set up.

Most of  you know that I am so blessed that I have a fairly pretty and organised craftroom which serves as :
 Mailing room (where I pack my mails)
❤ Craft room (where I create all things crafty)
❤ Warehouse (where I store all the stationeries that I sell in my shop)
❤ Studio (where I photograph store items, instagram photos and assignments)
❤ Office (where I work using my iMac - to reply emails, invoice paypal, upload shop items etc)
❤ Supposedly Ivan's playroom but I took over the entire room *LOL*

 These are the photos that I upload o Instagram to show you how pretty / organised my room is:

 One of the corner that I keep all my scrapbook albums:

My room looks like this when dad just set up the yarn shelf for me. My room was super cluttered so I asked dad and brother for help, needed some new shelves desperately.

This is how awesome it looked when my dad and brothers made me a yarn shelf + another customised shelf that I can fit in my vintage typewriter. Even Ivan was doing a happy dance here ;)

The awesome Daiso shelf that my dad + brothers custom made for me. Those plastic bins are from Daiso and dad made this shelf for me to store my store items. So this is basically my little warehouse. 

 On a good day where I have cleaned up my desk to scrap some assignments.

This is my previous set up on How I film process video of my scrapbooking or project life-ing. I have a new set up as I found working on the floor has better lighting than on my desk.

My room has such awesome lighting that I do not need any natural light for taking picture. This photo is almost un-edited. I just increase the brightness a little.

 These are the days how I work on replying emails, issuing paypal invoice with my little helper. I have a very clingy toddler that now he would grab the baby carrier (we use Ergobaby and swear by it) and ask me to wear him.

I think he would grow up enjoying Washi Tapes more than his other expensive toys. Well, not that washi tapes are any cheaper.

My craft room will never be complete without these babies: 2 Raskog carts and my precious baby.

When Ivan was less mobile (which means he was about 5 to 6 months old and couldn't crawl/walk yet), I would put him in a plastic box while I work on shop orders or assignments. Funny but it works *LOL* I am a lousy mama, I know 

 And this is the man who designed ad made my craft room a dream-come-true. Please meet my super awesome daddy who is also a stationery addict! If you received my happiedori, do remember he is the one who helps making them too ;) And this is a pic of him helping me carrying 10kg worth of Happie Mails and ran to the post office.

And now back to reality check:
This is how my room (especially the floor) looks like during a good day after packing mails and making some Happiedoris. Seriously, my room is messier than this for 80% of the time where you can never see the floor. Even my weekly helper shakes her head every time she sees my craft room. *I am totally not proud* 

The bed was supposed to be a day bed - where Ivan could take his afternoon here. Its full of my handbags and boxes now. And also planners.
Ignore the mess but you can actually see how the lighting is set up in the room, in a way that the room is super bright but its indirect lighting. *If that makes any sense?*

Okay. I am done with my confession. So my October resolution is to have a more organised room and also stick to my schedule (personal schedule + work schedule) better, manage time more efficiently (with the help of my 20 filofaxes). LoL. Its never too late to make resolution and who needs New Year Resolutions by the way? ;) 

Now that I have made the confession, I am so determined to be an organised person, hoping to churn out more blog post about planners, stationeries, scrapbooks and also update shop items / shipping notice on time. 

Thanks for your precious time. for reading such a crappy blog post. LOL



  1. Love the story/reality of your room and how your dad and your baby are part of your work days also. I love stationary since I remember so we share a passion. Have a happy day!

  2. Wow, Sam! Your work space is so wonderful and inspirational. Once I get settles into my new place, I need to start setting up all of my craft sections too. I love your desk and shelving units. Everything is just so organized and put together very well!

  3. Love you work space and your lovely assistants! ;)

  4. Lovely, lovely post, thank you for sharing your space and bits of daily life. And the pics of your helpers are wonderful. New subbie :)

  5. Your family must love you so so much :). Their works in your studio is super awesome. A dream studio for a girl :).


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