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Stationery⎪Reviews for Decorush Mojiliner

Hello hello stationery addicts! I know I haven't been writing any pen or stationery reviews for weeks (or maybe for months!) I have so many ideas for blog post and Youtube but I just couldn't get my ass off and start working on them. I am the biggest, fattest procrastinator in the universe, i know. LOL

Hubs forced me to drink some alcohol as he claimed this could help me sleep better. Nonsense! I was rolling on the bed for 2 hours and my face and back got so itchy. Since I couldn't sleep so I decided to churn out this blog post. I couldn't understand what's the craze all over Decorush or decorative tape when my friend Trisha show me. To me, they are just pretty / decorated correction tape. *correct me if I am wrong!* Then when I went to Tokyo in April this year and got my hands on some of the cute designs, I am totally sold! 

So.... here's my humble collection of Decorush, Mojiliners and Decorative tapes. You can get some of these here

Okay, I don't have a lot but I do use them on my planners every now and then. Decorush by PLUS or decorative are basically like a correction tape that you can roll on paper. Instead of the typical white correction tape, you get cute and fun design like hippo, hedgehogs, macarons etc (from desserts to balloon, animals to flowers, you name it!) p.s. The design of the tape are printed on the plastic casing so that you could find them easily. 

Then I found out about these Mojiliners! The name seriously reminds me of Mojito, don't ask me why ;P Instead of cute animals / food designs, Mojiliner has really fun crayon doodle in 10 different color. I made & name the color chart below myself. Some of the name according to their official website is more 'classy' like Green/Aqua is called Emerald green, Yellow/Green is called Lime Green. 

The swatch that I keep in my Kikki K planner.

And yes, I collect all 10 colors. The OCD / collect-them-all in me just have to buy all 10 colors. They are perfect for color-coding, why not? (hahahahah I don't even do color-coding!)

Just in case you are wondering, the Mojiliner and Decorush casing are inter-changeable. So thats a plus point! And these are the 10 fun colors that they have - form pink to blue to purple to yellow and orange. 

The normal Decorush are meant for decoration (thus the name decorative tape). But Mojiliner is more functional, it is designed to use as highlighter. I wrote the work Decorush Mojiliner (pic below) with a black gel pen and then roll my Mojiliner over it. The tape is so thin that the words still show through very clearly. Yay to cute highlighter!

Mojiliner is marketed slightly more expensive than the usual Decorush. And the refills for Mojiliner comes with a plastic protective cap (as pictured below). The usual Decorush refills has no plastic cap so you would need to purchase them in pack of three if you want to. But don't have caps for the refills also won't die lah if you keep them in a pencil case or pouch nicely.

The Decorush or Mojiliner are retractable. All you need is to press it and glide/roll it on a piece of paper. I just did my manicure a week ago so I just have to post this pic of me holding the Mojiliner. 

Since Decorush and Mojiliner share the same plastic casing (I don't know the formal term), you can just get a few Decorush with the casing and buy the rest of the refills. That could probably help save you some money and a little bit of space. Changing the refills are super easy and would not take up more than 5 seconds.

When you want to change the refills, all you need to do is to press the end of the Mojiliner and keep the tape in. Then press the '2 buttons' on both sides then it will come off  like the picture show below.

I love Mojiliner because you can either use it as highlighter or just as decorative border. In my opinion, I prefer Mojiliner over the usual Decorush because its a little more versatile. However, like the usual Decorush, it takes a little practice to glide the tape smoothly / perfectly on your pages. You gotta make sure you glide it on smooth and flat surface, else it would look broken (like the Hippo) / crumpled together (like the Red color below). 

This happened when I was too lazy and just rolled the tape directly onto the paper (without taking the papers out from my planner). After rolling a few time unsuccessfully, the tip is,  use them on flat and smooth surface, and stack a few pieces of paper to cushion it and do not press toooooooo hard when you roll. Do share your tips on getting perfect Decorush tape rolled with me! ;) 

Okay, its 7am here and I just need to go catch some ZZzzZZz.... So remember to check out my Big Cartel as I have an awesome Mojiliner Promo bundle here!

And I have also stocked up on some Pilot Twin Markers that you could use them on Washi tapes!

Gotta go sleep now! Thanks for dropping by.


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