Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Planners | Make Your Own Calendar Pages for Your Planner

Hello hello there =) I received a lot of complaints because I barely work on replying my emails, posting on instagram and updating my little shop. I just found out I am now 9 weeks pregnant with terrible morning sickness (or all day sickness you name it). I have been feeling nauseous all day, with weird food cravings and throwing up after meals. Well, I am not here to complain because I am feeling much better after resting at mom's place for a few weeks and this pregnancy isn't as bad as my first pregnancy. I do remember how I was eating and throwing up at the same time. disgusting I know ;P

Since every pregnancy journey is different and the last pregnancy I journal the whole process with my Project Life album. I haven't been scrapping much so I decided to journal the journey in my Happiedori instead. I used a blank inserts (regular sized) so i can choose to draw, write, doodle or even make a monthly chart / weekly chart on the pages.

I dressed up the cover with tonnes and tonnes of washi tapes (using MT tapes and Freckled Fawn tapes here). Very simple cover with a bit of embellishments using Freckled Fawn Oh Deer Me kit. Love the bug sequin star! My baby #2 is a star of course ;P

I have just started decorating some of the pages and also decided to make a monthly chart on this blank journal. I want to write down the days i have weird cravings, doctor appointment or the days I am falling sick. I have had mild fever for no reason when I just found out I was pregnant. 

So today I would like to show you how I made a very simple monthly page using washi tapes. 

I started with using the monthly inserts as reference for the measurement. 

I made each box at approximately 2.8xm (W) x 3.2cm (H). You can definitely make it slightly bigger or smaller depending on your preferences. So you would need to draw 7 x 5 boxes in total.

I draw the lines lightly so it's easier to be erased later on.

I decided to use washi tape to line the boxes. You can also doodle the lines or draw your own boxes. I am planning to doddle my next month chart. I am using the Rainbow Chevron tape from my shop and also the super skinny washi tapes from Amy Tangerine.

I use these super skinny washi tapes from Amy Tangerine so they wouldn't take up too much space on my monthly boxes. And I am loving the bright colours!

It wouldn't take long to do this and I was erasing the pencil marking just before I stick the washi tapes down. then I added the Month with Freckled Fawn vellum sticker from the past Oh Deer Me Kit. Love this cute sticker sheet.

Then I added the days from the Days of the week washi tape (sorry I have no idea who make / sell this roll of washi tape) ;)

And this is how it looks like once it is complete.

I have also journal a few pages using Oh Deer Me Kit. I only decorate the page and I want to journal how this baby #2 is a precious gift (+ the best birthday present to my hubs this year). We found out that I am pregnant on his 30th birthday ;)
p.s. Thanks to my subscriber @penemuel for the tips that these gel stick highlighters are water soluble! they works like neon colour water crayon! So awesome!

I will be sure to post more pics of my pregnancy journey on this journal whenever I am feeling better and make more pages! Thank you so much for dropping by! And happy holiday + Merry Christmas to you!



  1. Congratulations dear!!
    Your calendar is beautiful as well! I wasn't planning on adding calendars and things to my notebooks, but you make it so pretty, I may have to!
    Wish you a lovely Christmas holiday and big hopes that your morning sickness goes away soon!! xx

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