Thursday, December 4, 2014

Planners | Confession of A Stationery Addict (Pilot Frixion)

It is no secret that I am a planner-addict + Stationery-holic as I have been addicted to buying pens and stationeries since young. I admit that I do have a variety of pens and love trying new pens. One of my favourite pens / brands that I use daily is Pilot Frixion - which has a wide range of pens, markers, highlighter, color pencils and stamps that have erasable ink (ink that can be removed with friction - and thus the name Frixion). Today I am showing you some of my writing supplies that I often use in my planners - and most of these are Pilot Frixion. Pilot Frixion (most of the colors) erase clean and without any residue (unlike how you erase the pencil writings with normal erasers).

I am loving the pink and green combination in this month kit - it has subtle festive colors. I also love the My Mind's Eye Jubilee sticky notes (with Calendar) which is so versatile and useful for day-to-day planning.

When I am writing on my planner pages, I often reach for my Pilot Frixion point 0.4mm or 0.5mm. I don't like the 0.38mm as they are too fine and scratchy for my likings. I have a set of Tokyo Disney edition Pilot Frixion in 0.4mm that I bought it while I was in Tokyo this year. I like that these Frixion pens are refillable so I can always keep these cute Mickey pen casing even when the original ink runs out. These Frixion Point 0.4mm write ultra smooth but I do notice that being erasable ink means the black ink isn't as dark & as opaque as usual blank pens. And i didn't like how the eraser is placed on the end of the pen since i always place my cap on the end when i am writing i.e. I need to remove the cap then i want to erase the words.

I also love using Pilot Highlighters (in pastel color), pilot stamps (gift from my Japanese friend) and Gel Stick highlighter to highlight important dates on my monthly calendar.

I stick the monthly calendar sticky notes on my page marker to gently remind me of the important dates. I write the dates with Pilot Frixion Colors (more like markers) and stamp some of the dates with Frixion Stamps.

Since the ink is erasable, I can easily erased some of the dates and stamp it with Frixion stamps. I also love that the Frixion colors come in 24 colors (although I only have 20 colors). And one of the favourite feature of Frixion pens is that they hardly bleed since the ink isn't as opaque as usual inks.

Here's a simple color swatch the i made using some of the Pens that include in the previous Daisy Day Planner kit (say Poppin, Micro Pigma - I am using Black here, and Sakura pens). I have also included some Pilot Frixion pens & markers & the gel stick highlighter that I often use.

Do share with me what are your favourite pens (or even fountain pens) to use in your planners / day-to-day writing?

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  1. Hi! To they fade overtime??
    I like using pilot gtechs!

  2. Hi, Sam! Your rainbow colours always make me so happy.

    I use a lot of Frixion pens in my Filofax, but mostly use Hi-Tec C and Style-Fit in my Hobonichi Techo. Occasionally I use fountain pens in it, but they dry slowly and I write left handed, so it can get messy. The Style-Fit points are smaller, so there's less ink to smear in the first place.

    I got my gel-stick highlighters (and Christmas HappiePlanner kit) yesterday, and LOVE them. Did you know they are water-soluble? You can use them like watercolour crayons! I tested them last night with a water brush, because I wanted to know if I had to worry about them smearing if they got wet, and they turned into lovely washes. I'm going to enjoy playing with these!

  3. I have a few Frixion pens myself. Next on my wish list is the Frixion markers. I did discover a new pen last weekend and have fallen in LOVE! It's by Pentel, called Finito. It's got an extra fine tip in black. It does not bleed through my pages and writes so Purdy!!!!!! :)

  4. hi, i couldnt find a way to contact you on your shop, so im trying here.. is your shop based in m'sia, do you do shipping to singapore? additionally, will you restock these frixion pens!! they're so nice. I would like to know , as others (above ) do too, do they fade overtime 0.0 , is it advisable to be used for colouring in books eg. midori/kikki.k? :)

  5. Hi. I stumbled upon your blog when I was doing some research on Midori Traveler's notebook. Your blog is so creative and filled with amazing ideas. I love it!!! Can you tell me how long it would take to get a notebook if I ordered it this week? I live in the United States.

  6. Hi. Im so desperate to get the frixion light highlighters but can't seem to find them in Singapore. Do you do shipping to Singapore?

  7. Hi, do the gel-stick highlighters bleed through thin pages? If they don't bleed, where to get them in Singapore? Thanks!

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