Friday, March 13, 2015

Feature Friday #1 | Riesa Okano

Hello everyone, we have been packing kits and mails for the past 3 days and also running out and about (to meet suppliers and printers) for new products for my online shop. I normally trying not to manage so much things in a week because I tend to get tired easily nowadays, especially with terrible backache. Anyway, to spice my blog up a little, I have been wanting to do some Friday Feature post since end of last year. And you know, me being a procrastinator, it only took me 3 months to took the plunge and commit to a more frequent, weekly post. 

So I am planning to do a Friday Feature, every week (finger crossing that I would be able to be really disciplined on blogging), to feature some of my favourite planner addicts / planner girls, fave products, ways to decorate your planners, or also ways to stay organised. And for our very very first Friday Feature post, we have Riesa Okano that I got to know her when she purchased a planner via my online store. Since she has gotten the Macaron pastel pink planner from my store, I ask her if she could show me her set up and maybe contribute a blog post to my blog here. I am so thrilled that she agreed and also send me loads of pictures + ideas on how she set her pink planner up. 

So let's get started and get to know more about the lovely Riesa Okano.

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
A:  I am currently a student at the the University of Hawaii at Manoa, I live in Honolulu Hawaii and I love to go shopping, decorate my planer, watch movies and go out to eat. Other things about me is I am Japanese, I love the color pink, I love macaroon things, I will buy anything cute or pink related and my favorite store is target.

Q: How many planner(s) are you using right now? And what is (are) your planner(s)?A: Right now I only have 2 planners my personal pastel pink one and my large pink kiki k planner that I do not use as often because it is so bulky, I usually just use it as a desk planner. I hope to buy a filofax or websterpages or erin condren planner one day. And I do use Kikki k inserts :) I didn’t have enough time to make inserts so I just bought from the Kikki website.

Q: Where do you find inspirations for your planner addict fix?
A: I find inspiration on instagram mostly and from blog posts. My favorite planner girls would be you of course! (Thanks so much!!!) You sell such cute things and you have wonderful blog/youtube posts. I also like to follow Charmaine Dulak, Carla De Taboada, Mypurpleylife and Mahalmade. 

And here's a cute post (with tonnes of photos) on how Riesa set her Macaron Planner in Pastel Pink up:

This planner is my go to planner that I use for almost everything; my daily to dos, work schedule, reminders, events and etc. I stuff a ton of sticky notes, page flags and a few paper clips in the front of my planner along with a little heart shaped cardstock. As for my planner charms I use my heart shaped macaroon planner charm and my Totoro Susuwatari planner charm to accent my planner. In front of my dashboard I use a little card that has all my professors office hours on top so it’s all in one place. Also I use a coleto pen in my planner because I can have one pen with that holds different colors.

So far I only have a monthly and weekly section I feel that these two sections are the only ones I need right now and if I want to add more I can always do that later. To bookmark my monthly page I use a bow paper clip and a little divider. To decorate my monthly pages I usually use washi tape, stickers and page flags.

Here's a peek into my monthly page: I usually track incoming packages, exam days, birthdays, reminders, pay day and bill dates on my monthly pages and on the side of my monthly page I have a list of all the orders I order so I can keep track of what came in already and what didn’t. After my packages come in I cross it out with pink ink. As for my weekly pages I track my daily to do’s, chores, errands, work schedule, package delivery dates and random notes about things I want to/need to buy.

As for my weekly pages I also decorate with washi tape, stickers and sticky notes. To bookmark my weekly pages I use a purple hello kitty paper clip.

And that's about it!
In the back of my planner I have this clear insert that has pockets I put stickers in.

And lastly at the very back of my planner I have a pocket, which I put some coupons, blank pieces of paper and more stickers in.

Thanks so much Riesa! Don't you just love her planner charms (you know I  always have a thing for planner charms!), how she matches her pink pen with the planner,  and how she decorates her pages?And now, to learn more about Riesa (she is really pretty!) and her planner addiction, go follow her on her Instagram @Riesao, and tell her that Happie Scrappie send you there!

And I am seriously very excited that we kick start the first Friday Feature post! I am hoping to do this diligently ;)  *Wish me luck*



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  2. Riesa's planner is very cute. Thanks for posting this! I wish I could get into planning like that but I just don't have the time or money, its fun to enjoy looking at other peoples planner though.

    I miss your Project Life Process videos, do you think you'll ever post one again? They are always so inspirational.

    1. HI Nicola =) i will try unfortunately i haven't been doing any PL pages in 2015 =)
      thanks for your sweet comments!


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