Friday, April 3, 2015

Feature Friday | Christie and Her Lovely Kate Spade Wellesley Agenda

Hi everyone! It is already Saturday in Malaysia but I still would like to share this Feature Friday post with y'all. It is still Friday in part of the world like US right? =) I have been busy packing and making page markers for the April Happie Planner kit so I am so happy when my lovely Instagram friend (also a subscriber of Happie Planner) agreed to step in to do a blog post for me. I absolutely adore the way she set her lovely red Kate Spade up - I actually rehomed my Red Kate Spade to her because I am not digging red at all but gosh! She is rocking her Red Kate Spade Wellesley.

So let's get started and get to know more about the lovely Christie @dcwsimpson.

Q: Can you tell us a little about yourself?
 A: I am a stay-at-home mom. I am currently homeschooling my children.  I keep my teacher certification current with the state of Virginia in the USA. Other than my passion for teaching is my passion for planning! I have always loved planning, making lists, and physically writing them down. There is something about the smell of a sharpened pencil, the glide of a gel pen and the shine of a brand new notebook whether the skin is cardboard, PVC or leather!

Q: How many planners are you using right now? And what is (are) your planner(s)?
 A: Right now, I have finally(!) moved into my Kate Spade Wellesley Zip Around in Pillbox Red! This personal sized beauty is my on-the-go planner. I have an Erin Condren Life Planner that I use for lesson plans. I have a Midori Traveler’s Notebook that houses my notes/brain dump, Book of Lists, and a doodling notebook.

Q: Where do you find inspirations for your planner addict fix?
 A: I am so thankful for You Tube and Instagram! I love to watch Miss Vickybee, Carie Harling, Jennifer Ross, Alexis aka Miss Trenchcoat, and of course…Sam from Happie Scrappie as well as a few others. 

I love my Kate Spade planner! It smells so good! Because it is delicate, I decided to house it in one of my Orla Kiely pouches and it fits perfectly!

On the left, I keep a few important cards that will not fit in my wallet plus a few Walmart brand “Project Life Cards”. In the side pocket, I have some festive sticky notes and sticky  markers from the Happie Planner kit. On the right, is a beautiful dashboard made by Happie Scrappie along with a couple extra clips at the top.

I use a Cocoa Daisy Day in the Life Card to cover ownership information.    

My monthly layouts came with the Kate Spade planner. I record important appointments and events.    

I am using inserts from Cocoa Daisy to help breakdown the week's tasks.

Here I am using a little note card to remind me of packages that have not yet arrived.

I love the page marker from the Happie Planner kit for February!  (Sam: Thanks a bunch!!)   

My daily to do list is set up like a bullet journal.      (Sam: I love how Christie cover up the title of the list with masking stickers / washi tapes to make the Cocoa Daisy inserts work for her ;))

Cocoa Daisy's April Divider!

April's monthly layout on the Kate Spade inserts. (Sam: The Easter themed washi tape at the bottom is too too cute!)

I love combining inserts from Kate Spade and Cocoa Daisy! I clip unnecessary sides together with the clips from the Cocoa Daisy April planner kit.

I made these dividers myself! :-)  and used kawaii tab stickers to label them. These dividers will help organize all the different “hats” I wear.

More dividers! ABC dividers will help organize information from brain dumps.    

I plan to use these Korean diary stickers and the notepad from Cocoa Daisy especially for this planner.

Look at the rings on my Kate Spade planner...filled up with purpose and fun! :-) (Sam: )


Thanks so much Christie! Aren't the gold rings and gold hardware in the Kate Spade agenda gorgeous? No doubt Kate Spade Wellesley Zipped Agenda / Planner is my All time fave planner! (I will show you my collection of Kate Spade Planners in another post in the future ;). And now, to learn more about lovely Christie and her planner addiction, go follow her on her Instagram - Christie @dcwsimpson, and tell her that Happie Scrappie send you there!

And I am terribly sorry I haven't been keeping the Feature Friday post on time every week. I have been meant to do this diligently ;)  Just bear with me, i just need to be better at project management and time management! Its a little tough recently as my 2-year-old been a monster who doesn't wanna take nap or go to bed!


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