Thursday, September 17, 2015

September Setup with Happie Scrappie Planner Kit

Hi it’s Mits! I missed you last month, so I’m back here to say a quick hello and to show you how I’m using my goodies.  

If you follow me on Youtube, you may have already seen the video unboxing of the awesome Happie Scrappie August Planner Kit, but I wanted to write a short accompanying post as well. (The video link is posted at the end)

Who says washi tape is only for decorating borders and straight lines? I decided to cut out the stars and use them as stickers to decorate the blank dates in my monthly calendar.  The colours are soft enough and the stars are small enough that it adds just the perfect touch to a blank calendar page.

The next thing I used were the page flags. What’s awesome about these page flags are the fact that they’re transparent. If you know me, I love transparent sticky notes.  I used this page flag to highlight one of my monthly goals.  (I says “monthly debrief”, but I use it to set my goals hehe)

Next are these super pretty journaling cards. I absolutely love them.  I think Sarah and Sam did a wonderful job with these!  

If you are new to the planner world, you may wonder how you could incorporate these into your planner.  You could stick them in your planner as decoration, but I like to use them for my to-do list as well.  Because these pretty journaling cards are double sided, I decided to tip it into my planner with some washi tape and use the backside for my to-do list.   

… and yes, that’s right. You see a super cute September calendar printable.  If you aren’t a part of the Happie Scrappie Facebook group, don’t forget to join.  Not only will you get tons of inspiration from fellow planner addicts, but you can get these super adorable printables for FREE! 

I’m having so much fun with this makeup theme, but I’m really looking forward to this month’s monster theme as well.  How are you enjoying your Happie Scrappie goodies? Don’t forget to hop onto the FB group and share your ideas J 

Things I used in this post.

Happie Scrappie August Kit
Travel Notebook - Popsicle Theme

Cloud and Dew Drops Stickers

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