Friday, October 23, 2015

How I Use the Exclusive Happie Scrappie Inserts

Hello friends! Its Ruthie here sharing with you how I have used the exclusive goodies in the September Happie Scrappie planner kit.  First off, I used the box inserts as my main weekly inserts.  The number of boxes were perfect for the days of the week.  I used the Joyful Planning stamping set from Marryl Crafts to date them-the size of the stamps were also perfect for the size of the boxes.  The boxes are a good size for keeping track of important events during the week.  It serves as an overview of my week, since I mostly use daily inserts to keep track of day to day stuff. 
One of the perks of subscribing to the happiescrappie newsletter is she offers exclusive codes, sales and free printables!  This month she included a printable for an A5 and personal size planner.  I printed the personal size freebie, and I started using it as a daily to do list.  It can serve many purposes-a place to jot down just about anything! 
Also included in this kit was a super cute calendar notepad.  It seems perfect for tracking monthly goals such as no-spend months or exercise routines.  I considered using it as a countdown for Halloween as well!!  What I love is that it fits in my pocket and mini sized planners as well.  
Everything from the inserts to the stickers to the cute charm Sam created was so well coordinated.  I’ve always said that one of the things that I love about her monthly kits is that everything matches so well which makes for an easy planner set-up and decoration! 
Hope you have enjoyed this kit as much as I have.  As always, thanks for reading! Happie Planning!!


Things I used in this post.
Monsters Theme Inserts
Monsters Undated Calendar Notepad
Monsters Theme Stickers

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