Thursday, October 15, 2015

Traveler's Notebook Weekly Setup using Happie Scrappie Planner Kit

Happy October Friends! It’s Mits and I’m here to share with you my monthly and weekly setup in my Traveler’s Notebook.   As I have been neglecting my missmicchan YouTube channel, I decided to film a video of an unboxing and me setting up my week on 2 page spread in my Filofax. You can check out the video here:  
As for my Traveler’s Notebook , I continue to use the week on 1 page insert from Happie Scrappie because I love it so much!  
When I saw that the kit had an insert included, I was torn because I wanted to use both inserts. I’m not one to stuff my Traveler’s Notebook, so I did what some people might not like, I took apart the notebook *gasp*
I took out the page that I wanted to use and just glued it on top.  Now I can have the best of both notebooks for this week J

One thing I loved about this planner kit was the amount of stickers it had. I used the heading stickers in both my monthly and weekly spreads. I also like that there is a blank one so that you can customize it for your needs.
Here’s a snapshot of my weekly spread, so cute and colourful, yet so functional at the same time J  I used the dots and banner stickers as indicators and to decorate my weekly spread as well.  By the way, you can still purchase these from Happie Scrappie:
 …and because the holiday is soon approaching, I decided to participate in a no spend October.  This notepad is PERFECT for this! You can also track things that you need to do on a daily basis such as: IG challenges, inktober, hydration, exercise etc.
You can check out the video here:
I hope you’re all having an enjoyable October ! 
Much love, mits

Things that I used in this blog post.
Happie Scrappie Stickers
Monster Theme Traveler Notebook

Dew Drops Stickers


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