Thursday, November 12, 2015

A Happie Weekly Layout

Hello! It is Wan back on the blog and today, I am going to share with you how I use some of the goodies from the Happiescrappie October kit to create a weekly layout in my Happy Planner. 

If you follow me on IG, you would know I use the same basic layout every week and therefore, I don’t have to waste any time planning it. I use the top row for my weekly goals, to-dos and scheduled appointments in my 7 focus areas for the week. it serves as my overview of the week and I refer to it as the week progresses to make sure I am getting what I planned to get done done. I find that it keeps me focused and more organised than I would be otherwise. I have gotten this idea from Sierra (aka @plannerfriend on IG) right when I first started on this planning journey and I have found it SO useful that I have never strayed from it. As for the second row, it is for all my appointments and scheduled events while the last row is dedicated to my to-dos for the day.

To create my layout, I started by laying down the washi from the washi tape set included in the kit. I chose the pink and white one to match the ink colours that I had selected for the week (Versamagic Pink Petunia and Pretty Petunia).
I then used the to-do stickers from the kit to label the last row (I used one on each page as you would see in a later pic when I zoom out).
Next, I used some banner stickers of my own that I have laying around to cover up the headers in the top row. I chose them because they were very close in colour to the stickers Sam included in her kit, thereby ensuring a coordinated look. Once that was done, I was ready to customise the layout further with some stamping. To do this, I removed the pages from the planner first so that the rings would not get in the way. I then stamped in lines and checklists using stamps from My Favorite Things.
When all the stamping was done, I moved on to the sidebar and used two stickers and a white Signo Uniball pen to mark out two separate areas, one for the people I need to make contact with through the week and the other to track my purchases (primarily to make sure I don’t go overboard!).
With that done, the layout in the pages of the Happy Planner was complete.
However, I still needed a place for meal planning and for tracking my water intake and this was where the long note pad included in the kit came in handy for making a dashboard/insert tailored to these purposes. To customise the note pad, I used the little dot stickers that I have left over from a previous kit to mark out the days of the week. I then stamped a cutlery icon (from My Favourite Things) for the meals (I only plan dinner because that is our only family meal) and water glasses (from Sweet Stamp Shop) to track my hydration.
I also thought it would be fun to glue a page from another long Happiescrappie notepad that I bought to the notepad page that I had customised with stamping. Having two pages glued together meant that it was a tiny bit less flimsy, and it helped to keep things interesting.
I then finished the insert/dashboard off by laminating it. Doing so meant that it would be durable and reuseable. I use sharpies to write on it (and rubbing alcohol to erase the writing), but you can also use dry erase markers or vis-a-vis markers.
With the insert/dashboard completed, I now have everything that I need to plan and track what I want for the week. To give everyone a sense of what they look like in use, I have attached pictures of both the Happy Planner and the insert/dashboard all filled in.
The Happy Planner:

The insert/dashboard:
And that is it from me for today. I hope the post has given you some ideas on how you can use your Happiescrappie goodies. Have a great day and Happie planning!


Things I used in this blog post.
Long Notepads
Mini Dew Drops Stickers
Fruit Washi Tape Stripes
Mini Round Dot Stickers

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