Monday, November 9, 2015

Creative Ways of Using Happie Scrappie Notepads

Hi folks, it’s Lucy again on the blog today. I hope everyone is having an awesome day at the moment. I can’t believe it is November already and we are so close to the festive season. How time flies!
As most of the subscribers had received their October Happie Scrappie Planner Kits by now, I want to share on how I use mine. The most exciting goodies from the planner kit will always be the new stuffs that Sam included in the kit.
For October, there are a few new items that Sam has never included before such as tags, dashboard made to fit to traveler notebook, mini notepads and long notepads. The ones that caught my eyes so quickly are the mini notepads and long notepads. They are so lovely! I am not sure how many of you bought the extra mini notepads and the long notepads. But I did purchase some extra notepads both mini and long ones – each for every design, because they are just too adorable! I'm sure many of you out there will agree with me! I need this cuteness in my life, well I need them for planning purposes. 

Let's start by showing you how I use the notepads, both the long and the mini ones in my Happy Planner. 
So I had prepared a dashboard from a scrapbook paper so that I have extra section in my happy planner. This section is dedicated for my healthy living lifestyle.
I took a piece of the mini notepad from each design (to do, plan it and love list).
“To Do” is basically just for the purpose of writing down to do list in order to attain the healthy and fit goals.
I used “Plan It” as the area that I laid out my motivation. I used motivational quote stamps and stamped them on the mini notepad. I love inserting motivational quotes in my planner layout. This step ensures that I stay focus on the goals I wish to achieve and do not get sidetracked easily.
Last but not least, the “Love List” notepad is the area where I actually listed down the reasons I love to be fit and healthy.
Then I added the long notepads as a workout tracker. All I needed to do was to stamp the words Monday to Saturday in each of the row. I did not stamp the word Sunday, as Sunday is my rest day. After this, I stamped the alphabet Y and N to indicate Yes and No respectively. For the final step, I just stamped the checklist boxes below the Y and N stamps on each row. 
To add more decoration to the dashboard, I decided to include the tags that came with the planner kit. 
Here it is the fully decorated dashboard. I really love the DIY Dashboard. Not only has it served as a motivation to stay healthy and fit but also it helped me to stay focused on accomplishing the results I want to see. 
I hope this post has given you some inspiration on how to use your notepads. There are so many ways you can utilize the notepads. I use it for to do list at home, at work, shopping list and wish list and slot them into my Happy Planner.
I definitely want to see everyone’s creativity in using the notepads. Do tag me or post it on Happie Scrappie Facebook and Instagram. Wishing everyone a fruitful week ahead. See you next time.


Things that I used in this blog post.
Long and Mini Notepads
Washi Tape Stripes
Tutti Frutti Tags


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