Monday, March 19, 2012

My Happy Pie

Disclaimer: This is another picture heavy post! >_<

I started working on this mini album due to 2 main reasons:
1) One of the LSS is closing down & having massive sales. I grabbed almost 40 mini Versacolor ink pads. I feel that my supplies have increased exponentially and I am finding it difficult to keep track of what I have owned & what's on my wish list. Hopefully with this color chart, the chances of me double purchase the same stuff would decrease drastically.
2) I am forever frustrated with the packaging of the ink pads as they never show you the exact color until you really get your hands on it. Especially the distress inks and mist that never really show their true color. And this do happen to the washi tapes as well.

So to find out the 'true color' of my inks & mist + keep record of my stash, I was so determined to complete this messy album in 2 full days.

Close-up of the cover. I cut the A4-sized chipboard into half and cover it with Echo Park This & That Charming paper. I can never have enough of woodgrain paper recently. 

No doubt there were a lot of stamping, cutting, embossing and pasting during the 2 days but I totally love every bits of the albums. I have shared My Happy Pie Album in a Local Facebook scrapbooking group and am so glad that this mini album that I created for my own convenience has inspired the ladies! Some of them are working on their own Color Chart Album too! 

Page Divider 1: Made using MT packaging & some Echo Park camera + Amy T Stickers

My Staz-on. I think I'm happy with these colors that I have at the moment. Absolutely hate it when the inks stained my clear stamps.

AC pigment inks and Stamp marker.
Didn't like both, don't think I m gonna grow the collection so keep it in small page only

My favorite ink pads - Versafine!
I think I have enough for now as I only find myself reaching for the black, gray and sepia for now.
(p/s: Habanero is surprisingly a very pretty orange/peach color. It looks so orange from the deceiving packaging!)

This page is kinda halloween... And I added black eyes with Sakura pen for all the bats. Too cute to be true! Fussy cut all the bats after stamping as I might wanna reposition the bats in the future.

Rainbow bats....

and more colorful bats.... I basically snapped almost every single color on Laine's shelf. 

last page of colorful bats... so much space here means I can buy more!

Brilliance ink pads. Love the Graphite black! So Super Black. Again, Cheryl made me spent money again!

My Versa Magic. Got these pads few years ago from US when I was totally clueless about scrapbooking and didn't even know the existence of scrapbook store in KL. I used them for my rubber stamps that I carved.

My humble collection of Distress Inks. I think I have enough for now as I hardly reach for the ink pads when doing my project

Page Divider 2: using MT packaging too and some scraps from Merdrey's Krafty Fun Layout class.

My first time trying out embossing. I was in awe with the range of Color! I sapu all (yea.. almost all) the opaque finish color that was on Laine's shelf too.

Still have some space for other opaque finish color....

Stampendous embossing powder. so chunky n so messy. i dont likey though =)
(Someone commented that I should heat it up under the paper. I will try it again this weekend. Thanks for the tips)

Page divider 3

I *heart* stickles!

and Liquid pearls. I think i might not expand the collection of liquid pearls.... *I think*

Page Divider 4

My humble collection of MT, Colte & some random washi tapes

Page Divider 5

Mister Hueys & TA Glimmer mist!
I picked up 3 bottles of Mister Huey's from Laines' @50% off. They were there for the past few days & no one noticed them.

Some Adirondack Color wash that I don't know how to appreciate the beauty of 'em

Blank pages... for me add them to the section accordingly when I have other new colors.

Added the pocket to the cover to store some empty pre-cut card stock. Hate the red polka dots, so I was trying to cover it up (partially) with some washi tapes.

Back of the cover. Not very practical with the twines n all since I might bring this album out when I go shopping at LSS. But I love it! If the cover spoil then I will just make a new one in the future.

I am so glad that you have managed to finish the post! Thanks for looking =)


  1. Me again? U also make me buy... Adui !!!!!! I love that brilliance rocket red... Is that COlour mine *o* cantiknya!!!!

  2. SAM~~~~ i totally wanna scream!
    Firstly, i am also crazily into mini ink pads and i got alot of them at MWL because they are only less than $2. I should have gone with you to shop the sale!!
    Next, i am so inspired to do a color chart album too! So pretty!! And yes, i agree ~ i always end up double buying the same color or i buy a smiliar color from another brand. So now i am sticking to only buy colorbox and versamagic mini pads. haha.. And if i ever successfully do this book......... i will no longer take photos of my ink pad and go shopping. LOL.
    Lastly! What are you using for your tabs? Fiskers tab punch or.....?

  3. this will be my to-do-list. haaa.. but dunno when lar

  4. great post and loveyour organisation ideas some pretty great colours there too im still a novice with my tiny collection could fit on one page !


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