Friday, August 24, 2012

Let's Crochet: Magic Adjustable Ring Tutorial

I remember when I was a little girl, my mum always crochet some really gorgeous dress for me. She always had this orange yarn bowl with a few balls of yarn mainly in white and pastel yellow color in the living room. She said she didn't know how to sew me pretty dresses so all she could do for me is crochet dresses for me. Some of dresses had been passed to my young cousin, Isabella.

She was wearing one of the crochet dresses when she was 3 years old. Mum had been keeping those dresses for more than 20 years because they are just so precious! As you could see in the pictures, my mum was so used to crochet dresses using those tiny lace crochet yarn which took forever for her to complete a dress as compared to those chunky / heavy weighted yarn. The reason mum using lace yarn / light weighted yarn because those really thick wool yarn will be too warm for a tropical country like Malaysia. And guess what? I am sort of allergic to wool. 

Mum is the one who got me started crochet but I have never crochet anything else other than amigurumi. The fundamental of amigurumi is single crochet everything in ROUND. And mum taught me crochet in round by using "Chain 2 method". So when I just started crochet or making amigurumi, I usually took more than an hour to complete the very very first round of my amigurumi because I would try very very hard to make the loop in the middle as tiny as possible.

Left: Chain 2 method: Ch 2, 6 SC in 2nd chain from hook.
        It left a much bigger hole than the Magic Ring. 
Right: Magic Ring, 6 SC in Magic Ring. 
           Magic ring makes your amigurumi project much neater with the almost invisible hole.

Here's the step-by-step (ultra lengthy) tutorial for making Magic Ring. Let's grab your hook & yarn and get started! (Click to view larger image)
Tadah! Once you have mastered the Magic Ring method, you can now start doing any amigurumi project! Do email me / leave me a comment if you have any questions when doing the magic ring. 
Here is the list of other really useful resources that provide tutorials for amigurumi:

I will start posting some really easy-peasy & practical amigurumi pattern real soon =) Have fun crocheting. 


  1. Thank you! I managed to work out how to do the magic circle from this and I had been trying for days! Also your cousin is a cutie :)

  2. thank you. /i watched several videos to learn this and finally - your pictures helped!
    Thank you, Thank you

  3. thank you. /i watched several videos to learn this and finally - your pictures helped!
    Thank you, Thank you

    1. Hi Larissa,

      I am so glad that it helps! =) it took me quite a while to figure out magic ring when I just started crochet too. Thanks for leaving sweet comments. happy crocheting!


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