Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sneak Peek⎪Write .Click. Scrapbook September Sneaks

Hello people! I cant believe it's towards the end of August! Can someone please tell me where did August go? *LoL*

Anyway, today is my birthday. I didnt have a good night sleep or midnight crafting just because my super adorbs baby boy decided to wake up every 2 hourly. Tell me about sleep deprivation now! Here are some of the Instagram photos that I posted lately (just in case you do not follow me on Instagram ;))

19.8.2013 - Our weekly hold-baby-with-only-one-arm photo

photo 1

19.8.2013 - Baby Ivan started grabbing feet

photo 2

20.8.2013 - Started sleep training. Hopefully he would sleep through the night in 2 weeks time

photo 5

21.8.2013 - Going for birthday dinner with hubster and Mr. Mickey

photo 4

21.8.2013 - Someone totally hates his Mickey beanie

photo 3

The inspirational book from Kikki.K that inspired me to create the layout below. I used one of the quote as the title of the layout. I am totally hopeless in coming up with a layout title!

photo 1

And last but not least, sneak peek of the layout for Write Click Scrapbook for the month of September! *Using Citrus Twist August Kit*

Together Home P8190305

Together Home P8190303



  1. Your sneak peek looks awesome! Love your series of photos! He is soooo adorable! Love his smiley face and the Mickey Mouse hat is so darn cute!

  2. wish you could join us this Sunday and celebrate with me... it would be like a joint party :) but since u cant.. let me just wish you here happy birthday! how old are you btw? u look like a college girl to me :)) hehehe

  3. Happy belated birthday! Hope you had an awesome one despite not having much sleep.

    Your boy is adorable!:)

  4. Love all your photos! Love your rosy cheeks too :)

  5. your baby is growing fast Sam, God bless him. Happy B-birthday!


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