Friday, February 10, 2012

Mini I-Love-You Album

Valentine's day is around the corner and here is one of the mini album that I made for my not-so-grateful husband. 3 more days to Valentine's day and Ethan is already swamped with loads of Valentine's day related layout, albums, altered projects and cards. I am now struggling with space to keep those albums & altered projects. Please share with me on the ideas of storing those ever-bulky albums, layouts and projects.

Attended the workshop designed by Merdrey. View at your own risk, there are tonnes of pictures in this post.

Fall in love with the cover of the album! The heart-shaped stirrer is so super cute! And this valentine-themed album is super pink, me likey!

Title of the album: You Complete Me. 
The rolled-up curtain is the awesomest thing in the album.

The sticker tag says: You Belong To Me

My favorite pictures of the album. Our wedding mascots @ a pretty church in TianJin, China.

It says: You are my....

...Miracle! =)

I love the sticker: Nuts Over You. Bought this sticker because one of my dog named NutNut. How silly is this...

The cute rub-ons say: I'm an A 'coz my arms stretch wide. 

The cute rub-ons say: You're an F arms out heel to heel.  

Last page of the album is one of the picture during our ROM. And I added a stickers on the right saying that this album belongs to Ethan.

The album was completed in merely 3 hours (during the workshop) but the part of adding photos and decorating with embellishment took me one whole night. I think I love this album more than the recipients! He only flipped through the album and say 'Oh, so cute! You are so talented!' and put the album aside. hahaha. Does this happen to you when you give some handmade cards / albums / gift to someone?

I am so glad that you actually made it to the end of this post. XoXo.


  1. Hi Sam! Wow, such an adorable mini album! I just love all the pretty details and precious photos!

  2. Thanks for the lovely comment MArina. Would love to see your valentine mini soon too! How was the class?


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