Friday, August 17, 2012

What Else Can You Do With Erasers?

The picture says it all! We all love Fridays don't we? And all thanks to Hari Raya Adilfitri, it's a long weekend this week and I am gonna go back to Malaysia for 3 days! Woot woot! Can't wait to have fun with my furries and girlies + take lots of pics for scrapping!

I met up with my scrappy friend yesterday to learn eraser stamp carving. It was so fun to catch up with the Facebbook friends that I got to know via a scrapbook group. She showed me how she carved the panda-peanut stamp and I proceed with carving the speech bubble. It was so easy peasy as long as you have the right tools and patience. Yes... It takes a lot of patience to carve those intricate design.

And once I got home, I couldn't stop carving and came out with another 4 more eraser stamps. 

And here's what I do with the stamp image:
An ultra simple I-LOVE-YOU card for Ethan. The panda / bear took me quite a while to carve as I am not very good with carving intricate details like eyes and mouth etc. But it's worth the time & effort as I could see I will be using this stamp everywhere as it is so versatile. Bear can write anything and everything right? >_<

A Thank-You card made for Ash who taught me how to carve eraser stamps! many many thanks & many many loves 


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