Monday, February 15, 2016

Planners | Happy Love Day & Free Printables

Hey girlie

Its been a while (like 6 months) since I have been blogging. One of my new year resolutions for 2016 is to blog a little more. So I think uploading these free printables on Valentine's day would be a great start! Oh well, at least I started blogging again in February ;)

I created these weekly planner printables in A4 and Letter sized, so you can just print them according to the paper size that is easily accessible to you.

I created these in 2 designs: Floral (A4 sized) and Hearts (Letter sized), and also make them available in English & Spanish version. Just because my planner bestie is a Spanish and I have plenty of Spanish Speaking customers!

I asked on Instagram if you girls wanted these in Sunday or Monday starts, and majority of you wanted a Monday starts, Me myself is a Monday-starts girl too! I know some of the girls start work on Sunday so would prefer a Sunday starts calendar, and I made them in this version too!

So now the Question is: Are you Team Floral or Team Hearts?


Download A4 sized (Floral Design) >> here <<

Download Letter sized (Hearts Design) >> here <<

Me and hubs finally have a date night without our little ones last night, I hope you have fun during your LOVE day too! Happy Galentine's Days to you gals again!



  1. Hi! I follow you in Ig and I like your blog and photos and flower design is my favourite, thank you very much. I like to see weekly planners than starts in Monday.
    Best regards.

  2. Thank you. As much as I love hearts, I think maybe the floral.

  3. These are amazing. I would love a two page version for personal :)

  4. you are the sweet heart person that I know <3 <3

  5. I got my target from this. Thank you so much for this...

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