Sunday, January 20, 2013

Project Life Week 2

Hello there, how was your weekend? I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Its been raining since  Friday this weekend, it's so sad that we couldn't walk the dogs or bring them to the park. Laundry gotta be done so we ended up drying all the laundry in the dryer. Where's my sunshine?

I have been very very productive in terms of craftiness this week. I completed 2 weeks spread of my Project Life. Yes, you read me right! I am way ahead of my schedule and I completed this week's spread too! And I made a canvas poster which I will share the project soon and also a spring wreath that I posted previously.

My Week 2 title card. Love the 'Hello heart' from Studio Calico Darling Dear. I also altered the mistable arrows with Versa Color.

I printed all the photos for week 2 and realize there are too many photos for a 2-page spread. I also added some memorabilia (i.e. red packets that I received from my brother's wedding and receipt from a restaurant).

Some of my favorite pockets from this week spread: 
yes yes, i have ditched my Samsung Note for iPhone 5 ;) Loving the free printables from

Silly & lame joke of the week

My favorite photos taken in this week. Me and Ethan both agreed we should take more of our couplehood photos before the baby arrives!

Photos and instax taken during a girls' night out. Couldn't fit 5 instax in one pocket right? So i instagrammed the instax instead. Smart ;)

I am having terrible backache nowadays, probably due to bad posture & I am moving on to Week 28 of my pregnancy now. I will share more pics of my Week 3 spread tomorrow. Thanks for looking. XoXo.

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  1. wow,, u look like a 孕妇queen... and ur week 2 PL is nice!


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