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Blog Hop⎪How Do I Organise My Scraproom *Citrus Twist Kits*

Welcome to Citrus Twist Kits Organizing Blog Hop!! We have some fun inspiration, great organizational ideas & awesome prizes! Each of our designers will share a fun organizing tip with you to help you get your crafty space organized and more functional. 

Now for the Prizes: Two lucky commenters who hop to ALL design team blogs will be entered to win a $10 GC to the Citrus Twist Store, plus we are also giving away one main kit.

You just need to leave a comment on EVERY designer's blog to be entered to win. Come back to the main Blog Hop blog post and comment that you hopped to each blog and we will pick a winner from those that commented. (place link to main blog) Comments end Tuesday February 4th. Winners will be announced on the main Citrus Twist kits blog by Friday February 7th.

Let's get started:
Waisam Ho  < This is me!
Shawna Saucier  <— Visit Shawna's blog next!

Here are pictures of my scrap room that I have newly set up since September 2013. Huge thanks to my dad & brother for the customs-made work desk and shelf. 

Sneak peak of Citrus Twist February 2014 Pocket Life kit. I had so much fun working on this month kit, love that it is not very valentine-themed as I have been working on too many Vday's project. And you know, we don't really celebrate Valentine's day after baby Ivan is here =P


Another picture of my work-in-progress work desk. Normally it gets messier than this if I am not working on a kit. If I am pulling my own papers and embellishments + stamps, my supplies would be all over the desk and floor and I would end up scrapping on the floor.


Let's have a scrap room tour, shall we?

We start from the left side of the room. This is what you see when you enter the playroom / scrap room. It is actually a guest room that I converted it into Ivan's playroom. The only natural light for the room is on the left window, so I don't get much natural lights here! Thank god the room is very well-lit.

I have a 2x2 expedit shelf in this corner that I keep my fabrics and all my albums. I am hoping one day I would always sit Ivan down and flip through the albums and tell him story. This wall is not done yet, I have so many ideas that I pinned from Pinterest but just couldn't decide what to do ;)


This is the main wall of the room. I put a 1x5 expedit shelf and place my 3  typewriters on it. This shelf is supposed to keep Ivan's toys and book but its been occupied by my yarn for crochet and bookbinding. Sooner or later I will purge some stuff and put his toys + reading materials here.


This is the main view of my scrap area with my huge L-shaped work desk. Loving this huge desk because I didn't have a desk for my first 2 years of scrapping life! I place all my main tools and supplies on and under the desk.


I normally sit in front of the desk for at least an hour a day, that's my me-time that either I scrap, I PL, I watch youtube (China matchmaking show =P), I edit photo and blog. And this is also the desk where I normally take my instagram photos. I love using the white desk (with a litre wood grain) as my Instagram background. I have my beloved sewing machine on my left, a baby monitor gifted from my brother above the sewing machine. I put a lot of stuff in the cubes that I requested dad to customise for me - mostly stuff that be sent from all my instagram friends and scrappy friends.


Sitting right inront this wall makes me happy. All the handmade cards that have been sent all over the world made me feel so blessed and inspired ;)


The other side of my desk - I put my Silhouette Cameo, Craftwell eBosser and Canon Printer MG6370.  I gotta keep them really handy and easy to reach for so that I would use them more often. The 1,2,3 baskets are from Ikea Children's department and I keep all my embellishments, bookbinding threads and adhesives here.


Under the table: More 1,2,3 baskets - to house my stamps, ink pads, punches, sequins, Accessories and stickers for my planners. And papers + sticker sheets are on the right shelf - with bigger plaster boxes that can keep 12x12 papers.


Sorry that this photo is slightly over-exposed. I have all my electronic tools here. Super love my Canon Pixma MG6370 - I normally print my photos in A4 sized or 4R sized semi-gloss paper. This side of the shelf keeps all my washi tapes (on the bottom left), my card stocks, sewing tools and random tools like trimmer, circle cutter, stamp press, eraser carving tools etc.


Close up of the right shelf - I place my Color Shine mist here so that they are more accessible and I realise this method works for me. I used them more as mist and splatter on nmy pages ;) So the key to use you stash is to keep them accessible, and you get to see them so that you use them as frequent.


Close up of my die-cutting machine. I might do a review on these two machines soon ;) Soon, I promise.


I normally place layouts and PL pages that I have completed but yet to keep in album on this rack that I got from Typo. Mini albums are kept here too before I photo'd them. I have yet to find a good solution to keep my mini albums, any ideas?


And this is my favourite spot of my room. This wall has most of the postcards, letters and cards that been sent by all my instagram friends + scrappy friends from all over the world. This reminds me that I am so loved and blessed with so many good friends that I got to know online and share common interest. 


I have just framed this poster from Studio Calico recently. A reminder for me to remember to chase my dreams!


Lastly, I found this very very old stamp rack in my father-in-law's office and this is just perfect for my roller stamps! Love that it is perfect for the stamps but hate that I need one more to keep all my stamps! I have more than what this rack could hold!


Phew! Such a long blog post! I hope you had fun having this scrap room tour with me! Let me know and leave a comment if you have any question.

Happy blog hopping! And  remember to visit Shawna Saucier's blog next! XoXo



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