Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Project Life⎪LOVE Pocket Pages *mambi*

I have a valentine-themed POCKET PAGES™ layout up on me & my BIG ideas blog today.  It's front and back and uses it in a while new way!  I  didn't use cards on all of them and left a lot of clear space.  So mambiCHIPS™ are back to back.  I definitely spend quite some time matching the mambi chips front and back, planning the arrangement of the embellishments and stitching the pockets  but that is so fun!  I love how different this page is!

And here'd the front page. Many of these pockets has a lot of space and I photo'd them on top of a piece of white mounting board. I make more blue/teal on the left and more red/pink on the right. 


And here's the back: I  just go with the flow for the colour coordination since it is quite hard to find matching size for those mambiCHIPS. 


More close-ups: my machine stitching is messy. It is really hard to stitch these plastic pockets and also I am very skillfull with my beloved sewing machine.


TIPS for taking photo of your Project Life pages: 
It was really hard to avoid the glare of the pocket sleeves but luckily the photo of these Pocket Pages turn out OKAY. I normally place my PL cards on top of the plastic sleeve so that the cards would have more dimension and also I do not have to deal with the glare. For this spread, I actually photo around 6pm, just before the sun sets and the sky was still bright - Glad that it works for me!







XoXo ;) 


  1. very cute! love how you stitched the pocket pages to include the embellishments in their own little pocket :)

  2. Wow - this is amazing and I really love your stitching - mine is also not perfect...but it is ok...I love it!


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