Wednesday, June 4, 2014

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I just realised my blog is pretty dead, which I only post scrapbooking projects, Project Life pages and some random tutorials, if I ever made one. Instagram is killing my blog as Instagramming is way easier to post and get likes + comments than blogging. That pretty much conclude why I got addicted since January 2013. 

So now, my 'new month resolution' is:
1. To blog more, even if its shorter blog post
2. To come up with more tutorials / crochet patterns (if I could find time)
3. To make videos, hopefully I could practice to speak while I am recording. I am just too embarrassed with my accent. 

So this blog post pretty much summarises my current obsession about crochet, stationeries and also planner! I have never blogged anything about my pens, my washi tapes and my planners here. I am hoping to blog more about my planner set up and decorations, although I am nvery very new in this planner world! I have been watching a lot of videos on youtube to brush upend pick up new things, trying to see what works and don't work for me ;)

Happiest picture on my Instagram feed, ever ;) Blue or Pink? I am currently obsessed with the pink  Kate Spade planner though. I got it from eBay, which Beth (my IG friend) helped me search for it. I am just not good with ebay!

Nothing beats a smiley toddler right? He was grinning ear to ear last night when he successfully wear the finger puppet on his finger. 

I love printing my own stickers using Silhouette Print and Cut function. You can find more tutorials here and here

Also obsessed with crocheting Instagram-inspired pouch for keeping my Fujifilm Instax SHARE from scratch free. If you are interested, I have listed them on my Big Cartel.

After two days of cleaning and purging, I finally have a clean desk, and most importantly clean floor! Boxes and piles and piles of supplies were piling up on the floor that my husband saids that it looked like a war zone. That was so embarrassing! 

When I have a clean desk, I would just keep posting photos and photos of my clutter free workspace on Instagram. So sorry if I've flooded your IG feed, I just couldn't help it! Also, I just started using my Smiggle notebook (in a cute apple shaped) as my everyday To-Do list, it just makes more sense to me than writing my to do list down on my planner. I am just lazy to open my planner and keep it on my desk all the time. 

And I have this little boy who has just started to walk with support. Pushing carts and chairs is his favourite activity nowadays. Or he would hold our fingers and keep walking and walking around the house.

Currently also obsessed with setting up my camera to take videos for scrapbooking and crochet. Still tweaking and see what works best for me. Here, using a bulky, expensive Manfrotto tripod that I borrow from my brother. I couldn't spread the 3 legs wide on the table because my desk has this little shelf that blocks its way.

Then I found this huge yellow clip that is meant for holding iPhone in a gadget shop. It looks like a fishing rod here lol! Trying to see if it works and I will keep you updated! Hoping that it works so I don't have the tripod legs on my way when I am scrapping. 

P.s. the little basket on the bottom left corner is where I keep my planners and notebooks that I am currently using, with a Orla Kiely for Target travel pouch that Beth got for me, to hold all (or most) of the stickers and post its that I always use.

Promise, I am gonna post this easy-peast crochet amigrumi pattern up, real soon.

Trying out color-coding for my Kate Spade planner. It just doesn't work for me, guess I am using too many colours or some said, it takes a white to get used to the colour codes. Since I am using this system, I have been forever looking for matching pens and washi tapes when I am planning my weeks. Not too efficient for me!

My first time joining a CAL (Crochet Along) by the amazingly talented Poppy & Bliss and My Poppet. It was fun but I am stuck at the second post of the CAL.

Someone tagged me on Facebook after she read an article about #stationeryaddict. And here I am, staring at the neon index label. which I am also currently obsessed with. P.S. I didn't buy those pens in this photo, I got them from my previous house owner. I found them in the drawer when I move this new house.

And COLETO! I currently have 4 barrels of Pilot Coleto loaded, and have 3 extra brand new sets. Was asking for hubby's opinion if I should sell the extra sets, because i simply cannot use all of them! I have a very loving husband who suggests I should keep all these for myself and maybe he was thinking I would be just content with these pens and no more buying pens in the future. I afraid not! Lol

And two is always better than one ;) Or maybe I need a third one?

In love with the tiny 2x2 pockets that I used for my May 2014 Project Life page. Just in case you are wondering, these aren't conventional PL sleeve, they are coin protector that I got from Amazon. I collage four square photos and print them on a 4x6. Each photo printed slightly smaller than 2x2 which is just perfect for me!

These are the Pilot Juice and Pilot Frixion that I got from Japan. Now I am trying to see where I could get them at reasonable price because I need more pens (in a set if possible) hehehe

Roller stamps. with date or without dates are all my fave! And I also have room for more stamps. I got this spinner rack from my in-law's office, you can also get them from old school stationery shop.

Do you like to see my random post more? I would definitely try to blog more if you would like to see them ;)



  1. Hi Sam! Your Instagram's feed is one of my favorite, but I also enjoy reading blogs too. So I would love to see you spend more time here at this blog too. And I would like to know where you got that big yellow clip iPhone holder =)

    1. Aww….. you are so sweet Pei Fang! I got the yellow clip from Low Yat, View Net. Unfortunately that was the very last piece! you can go to any gadget shop to try looking for it!

  2. I'm so jealous of your craft supplies collection! Your desk area looks amazing. Also, your son is so adorable :D

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  4. First time visitor of your blog and I loved this post!

  5. i love these kind of posts! love all of your supplies :):)

  6. I love your stickers! Did you download these or make them on your own via the silhouette software?

  7. Just found your blog and i love it. I was looking for the yellow clip that you have for your Iphone with no luck. I was wondering how you like it. Please let me know. Thank you. Cathy

  8. Hello there! love this post, I just found some pens on for a reasonable price! Check it out! XOXO

  9. Happy I was to see you have an Aminekko kitty. Did you make him yourself? I love all things kitty including Hello Kitty! Also I am glad to see that I am not the only pen/stationary addict : ) Love your office, it is so cheerful!

  10. My wife really loves your pink planner and would make a great gift if your willing to let it go. They don't sell them anymore and I can't find them anywhere. I saw you were using another planner so i though i would ask. Thank you for sharing and letting us have a glimpse in your daily life was nice to read and thank you for your time. My wife also has Kate spade planners and all the washy tape and clips you girls do with your planners lol maybe you guys can trade some stuff and I will pay for it to of course. Please let me know as this would make her so very happy she said this is her unicorn lol don't know what that means maybe you do.

  11. hi! i love everything in this entry, the pens that I'm also obsessed with, your supplies and most especially your workspace. i love it i love it.

  12. hi,I was wondering were can I buy one of those carts that you used to organized craft ?......i love how you did that !

  13. Ok honestly where has your blog been all my life. You are honestly heaven sent with all your posts and tutorials. I know I am going to spend hours on your blog getting ideas! Oh and I want you work space for Christmas! ♥ So happy I found your blog (:

  14. Just stumbled onto your site ... wow!

  15. Your Raskog carts are GOALS! Where did you find those little white wire baskets hanging off the sides?


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