Saturday, November 8, 2014

Planner | How Do I Prep My Daisy Day Planner Kit?

Hello there =) I had this blog post up ion Cocoa Daisy blog on 2nd November and finally re-post this on my own blog. I would like to share with you a few things that I do when I received my monthly Daisy Day Planner kit. p.s. They are now available for subscriptions!

Whenever I received my kit, these are some of the things I would do:
1) Pick a planner that would go wight eh colour combination of the kit #firstworldproblem ;)
2) Hang the new planner charm - I am such a sucker for planner charms!
3) start stamping the dates on the weekly and daily pages using the roller date stamp that I got from October Daisy Day Planner kit. 
I like to prep my pages beforehand so that i do not have to bring the stamp and ink with me when I am out / need to plan my pages.

One of my favourite items from the November kit would be the poppin' pen and also the memo pad! I love the cute bird on the memo pad. I always wonder how do people use their memo pad since it doesn't have adhesive for you to stick on pages like sticky notes?

I like to jot down notes and list using the memo pad, punch holes using my Rakuten punch and slot into my planner. I could keep them or throw them away when I am done with the list.

Sometimes I would use washi tape to adhere the temporary list onto one of the weekly / daily pages, and throw them away whenever I am done. How do you use yours?

Alrighty, Happy planning and enjoy your November kit!


  1. Love the date stamp idea! I normally just write out the dates, but that gets messy on small pages, and a stamp (especially a non-self-inking one) would be a much better use of space - all the color choices as a pen, but uniform in size!
    The kit looks great, by the way. Love those colors together!

  2. I have been using the Washi tap for my notes too because I don't want to carry the whole pad in my planner. I just put a few sheets at a time on one of my dashboard pages and attach with washi. Then I can move around with additional washi as needed

  3. Love your post.. I am loving my planner pages too this month!


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