Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Planner | My 2015 Resolution

Hello everyone =) I know it's in already mid of January and now only I blogged about my 2015 resolutions seems a little too late for this. Oh well, I just want to document this on my blog and hoping that this would help me try my best to work on my resolution. I don't normally make new year resolution because I would normally try it for a month or two and tend to forget about it. 

But I want this year to be a little different since I am in my Big THIRTY and I really want to set some workable and achievable resolutions. 

Okay before we get into discussing my One Little Word and resolutions for 2015, let's talk about my new Kate Spade Agenda. This is a Kate Spade Anne Canvas Agenda in large. Initially I thought the cover is a dark blue canvas / denim. When I received it only realise it is in black canvas. I scored this baby on eBay just before Christmas and has been anxiously waiting for it.

And here's my humble collection of Kate Spade personal agendas (all in large size, equivalent to Filofax personal sized / Kikki K Medium sized planners). To be honest, I always prefer my Kate Spade ring binders more than my Filofaxes.

Top (From Left to Right) : Kate Spade Wellesley Zipped Around (in Black, Pink and Red)
Bottom (From Left to Right): Kate Spade Anne Black Canvas, no-idea of the name of the planner =P

Then I made this transparent flyleaf using a transparencies from Studio Calico (which I bought like 10 pieces to hoard). Stitch the cardstock circle with sewing machine and added the word 2015 (from Freckled Fawn Oh Deer Me Kit).

And here comes my One Little Word for 2015. Let me spend a minute or two explain why I picked EXPORE as my OLW this year. Last year my OLW was MAGIC and things has been magical - my little online store picked up real fast in a magical way, my instagram followers are more than 20 thousands towards the end on 2014, and watching how fast Ivan grow everyday, how much he learns everyday like a sponge is really magical. But things fall apart towards the second half of the year - my business continues to grow (more than I could handle and thus I been taking break / on hiatus every now and then), my planner addiction has became worst (I started with 1 planner in end of 2013 and ended with over 30+ planners in Dec 2014 (and this does not include the Midori, fauxdori and Happiedori that I have in my collection).

I was seriously very unorganised eventhough having so many binders. I only use a few for organising my personal stuff and work / online store. Yet I feel that something is missing. I have been feeling extremely overwhelmed since August 2014. My business plan with my ex-bestie didn't work out (and we aren't on talking terms, sadly), I lost a few good friends, not catching up with friends because of the crazy working hours, and also something awful happened in my family end of December (which made me really really sad).

So during my one-week staycation in Singapore 2 weeks ago, I have been thinking what do I do / achieve in 2015?
  • I want LESS stuff (I have overflowing supplies of scrapbooking goodies and planner goodies - that actually blocked my creativity
  • I want to spend MORE time with my family
  • I want to be MORE creative - I do not want to just create something for assignments / sponsored post / shout-outs on Instagram. I love creating - and I want to be inspired + hopefully create something to inspire others too. Thus I have been resigning from some of the design teams that I am on as I want to have time to create for myself.
  • I want to be more Organized - in terms of time management and also managing the amount of supplies that I have - thus I have been purging all the goodies for a week. And trying hard to not spend money buying unnecessary stuff (hard, but i will work on this)
  • I want to send more Happie Mails - not just the mails to customers but send more mails to my lovely Instagram friends and besties
  • I do not want to be obsessed with the number of Instagram followers that I have anymore. I want to create from my heart, posting pictures that I like (and hopefully people who follow me would enjoy my feed too!), be inspired by the lovely Instagram community
  • I want to stay FOCUSED and have a SCHEDULED daily task / plan
So after spoken to my husband about what I want to achieve in 2015, he is really supportive towards my decisions and wants me to write down my thoughts. And here's what I have came up with: instead of picking MORE / LESS / CREATIVE / ORGANIZED as my One Little Words, I chosen the word EXPLORE. I want to explore more, be more open minded and also be more creative. I want to remind myself to learn something new and do something new everyday. Even if teaching Ivan a new word everyday is something fun & new for us! 

I am loving the memo pad that came in Cocoa Daisy Day Planner kit - January where I wrote down a simple quotes to remind myself to focus on the positive things.

And this is my simple (hopefully achievable) resolution / action plan for 2015.

I cut down a piece of vellum paper and put strip and strip of washi tapes to make it a piece of pattern paper. I wanted to use this section for my bullet journalling - but then i found that it might not work so I am gonna move back to a simple notebook for my bullet journaling. 

My daily task - I have very limited working hours everyday - probably about 4-5 hours during the time Ivan is in montessori and also his nap time. Hopefully sticking to this task list would help me clear my backlogs more often.

Then I am thinking of using this section to write down ideas that I want to try - for scrapbooking, crafting, planning that I found on Pinterest / blog-hopping / Instagram etc.

And last top tab section would be inspirational quotes that, again I read from Pinterest / Instagram / books etc.

And here are the 4 top tabs for the first section of my planner. The other half of the planner would be my Cocoa Daisy Day planner inserts / DIY fish inserts. I am still trying out see which works best. But at the moment, the planner is a tad too chunky to be closed comfortably *LOL* So we shall see if I could just keep to one master planner (ideally) or I have to use 2 planners!

Some of the little things I would like to try / achieve in 2015:
  • be active in animal welfare (used to be a dog rescuer and help running a dog shelter 5 years ago, and now I am hoping I could still do something for the homeless animals)
  • Do Photo-A-Day challenge - totally failed as I haven't even started. Does catching up count?
  • Send more happie mails / pen pal mails
  • Learn baking
  • Learn Photoshop & Ai
  • Purge and re-organise workspace & storage every quarter
  • Revamp my website
  • Set up news letter for my online store

Come to an important conclusion: messy craft room and office would deter me from being productive and creative. So must stay organised and focused this year! Almost done re-org the room, well almost there….

And I have set a little rewards for myself too! If I have achieve one of the mini goal, I will reward myself by buying 10-12 copic markers. Since I have purged 4 boxes of goodies last week (with the help of ChanWon), I have bought myself 15 copic markers last week!

Alrighty! Thank you for reading such a long post! I really hope by writing this down (and blog it here) would help me stay focused + remind myself to achieve my mini goals.



  1. "Explore" is a lovely word for the year! I think it suits everything you want to do perfectly!
    I love how you know exactly what you want out of 2015 and you've got yourself all planned out to get there as well :)
    Wishing you all the best :)

  2. May your year be happy and meaningful! Cheers :)

  3. Hi Sam. I am very inspired to read your blog. Huhu. I love stationeries too and your blog is a heaven to me. Looking forward to your next posts. Please include me in your happie mails anytime! aimirahayu@yaho.com

  4. Wishing you luck in achieving your goals for 2015! That green is just stunning on your new Kate Spade love it!

  5. Hey Sam, good luck and hope you can achieve all your goals!
    Thank you for inspiring me to stay organised, focused and not giving up on my creative side.
    All the best!

  6. Oh wow I am loving the donut full of washi tape!!!

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  8. Sam, I totally adore your work.You really are an inspiration.
    Have a wonderful year, that you can reach all your goals!

    Hope one of your Happie Planner Kit Jan will be left over for me to ship to Korea ^^
    Wish you all the best

  9. Your unknown black KS planner is a Large Debra in black with Natural leather interior. Black sometimes came with Porcelain (light cream) or Signature Green interior.

    Love your craft room but I can see how it would be overwhelming. Would it be helpful to pack up some things, and put them away? Then when you use up what you have out, you can "shop" your other stash.

    1. Hi Bree, it has porcelain interior too? i thought the KS is called Anne =) but the name doesn't matter! i am in love with it and use it everyday for a month already!

  10. Hi Sam, found your blog through your YouTube channel. I love your project life process videos. Thanks for sharing. I am following you on IG now also. 😊

  11. Hi! Are you interested in selling any of your KS planners? I'm interested if so. mialovesbrandon@gmail.com

  12. Would you be willing to share how much you paid for your 2015 agenda on Ebay? I have the same exact one new in the box and am looking for comps so I can sell it for a fair price.

  13. Would you be willing to share how much you paid for your 2015 agenda on Ebay? I have the same exact one new in the box and am looking for comps so I can sell it for a fair price.

  14. Sam u totally managed to accomplish some of your achievements this yr! U sent more happieplanner kits, u set up ur newsletter, u learnt photoshop and Ai to create such beautiful notepads and page markers and stickers and inserts! Feel so proud for u!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘


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