Monday, July 6, 2015

Injecting Organisation and Fun Into A House Move

Hello, everyone! This is Wan (aka wansplansandexplorations on IG) here. Thank you very much for joining me on today’s blog post. I hope you are ready to have fun with some Happiescrappie goodies!
I am pretty sure most people would agree with me that a house move is super stressful, not least because there are one million and one things to do, and inevitably, some important things get forgotten till the very last minute.  I have moved more than 10 times in my life (with some cross continental moves), and one would think that it would be a walk in the park for me by now, but sadly, I still struggle every time I move, the last being 3 years ago. Well, no matter how much I detest moving, we have another move coming up in about 7 weeks, and this time around, I am determined to stay (more) organised, especially when I have a 4 year old who is always ready to throw a spanner in the works.  I also figure that if I have to stay organised, I might as well have some fun while doing it. And what better way to have fun than involving some gorgeous planner supplies in the mix, right? So today, I am going to show you how I used Happiescrappie’s fauxdori planner kit to help me with my house move.
First up, the cover of the fauxdori. I usually decorate the covers of my inserts to go with whatever I am using them for.  However, look at how pretty this insert cover is! I can’t bear to cover it up, so I just left it as it is. I reckon it can even serve as a reminder to me to try and embrace and love the journey.

Now for the inside of the insert. Happiescrappie (aka Sam) has designed the week to be on one page with the other page being grid style.  Such a layout, in my opinion, is really flexible and I will now show you how I have customised it so that it completely serves my needs for this house move.  First, I used the skinny washi tape included in the planner kit to divide the page with the week printed on into two. The left hand column is for any appointments scheduled for that day while the right hand column is for any to-dos I have to accomplish on that day.  To distinguish between the two columns, I stamped the heading “to do” at the top of the right hand column. I also stamped a checklist in that column so that I can check things off as they get done. It is simple, but very effective for me. 

For the grid style page, I am using it as a reminder page for the people I need to contact and the things I have to buy/order that week. This works well for me in view of the fact that I usually make phone calls or write emails as and when I have time, and it is therefore much better that I do not schedule them on a certain day but rather, keep it fluid for that week. And as many of you know, there is often a wait between ordering furniture and appliances and their delivery date, so it is important that I get things ordered by a certain week in the countdown to our move. To make things extra clear on the page, I used stickers included in the kit for the two headings “To contact” and “To buy” (I must admit to using last month’s stickers for these headings because Sam usually includes so many that I never use them up in any particular month). I also use a cute binder clip from Sam to attach the contact details of the people I have to reach that week to the page. This way, I have them close at hand and do not have to waste time looking for anything when I have a minute to make that phone call or fire off that email. 

So there you have it, the insert that would act as House Move Central in the remaining 7 weeks I have till the move. As you can see, this layout works really well for me because while I have appointments and to-dos for a particular day, I also have certain to-dos/deadlines that are more to do with that week and those could be laid out in the opposite page.  

I hope this post has been useful and has given you some ideas on how you can customise Happiescrappie’s inserts to your own needs. And from this last picture, I am sure you can appreciate that the planner kit includes a ton of goodies that are geared specifically towards helping you on this journey.  Have a great week, and happy planning! 


  1. Great blog post, Wan!

    Having a fun layout to keep the move organized will help so much! The kits contain so many goodies!

    Never forget that heart... Embrace the journey and create memories to last a lifetime!

  2. I would love to review for you!!


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